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“Where should I buy your books?” is a question writers hear a lot. The simple answer is however it is easiest for you. The more complex answer is based on what is important to you.

“Where should I buy your books?” You should buy books based on what is important to you. Please don’t buy it from eBay, and other discount places that seriously undercut the price. I priced it at a reasonable level and believe that it is well worth the price of a latte and a scone, cheaper than most movies, for a 90,000+ word novel. In the same vein, don’t pay more than the list price plus reasonable shipping and handling. I used to sell them here, but I can’t beat the deals on the options listed below:


Get SIGNED paperback copies of the FIRST editions of All Is Silence and Straight Into Darkness. I’ll throw in ebook download codes for both books, as well as ebooks of Toils and Snares and my Outward Bound: Science Fiction & Poetry collection. ALL THIS FOR ONLY $14.99 [Includes, taxes, shipping & handling] within the United States. [Sorry, I can ship internationally, but it is prohibitive, likely more in the $25-30 US range. Send me an e-mail if you are internationally NewCoversBkI&IIinterested.]



ALL Four SIGNED ebook download cards. You can download in any major format: kobo/ibook/epub/nook, kindle/mobi or pdf.Signed Download cards ONLY $8.88 plus shipping and handling [Total $10 in U.S. Approximately $11 international. ]

More Options

T-Shirts with the ALL IS SILENCE and/or STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS Artwork by Pintado.$9.20 plus tax $0.80, shipping and handling $3.25. [$10 each if you’re also buying a book or I can hand it to you! OR JOIN THE DESERT CLUB and get a T-Shirt for FREE1] Back to Top
Musical CDrobslater
Some of the Parts – Rob SlaterOnly Three Copies left!Back to Top

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  1. I need a copy of “All is Silence” to send to my Sister-in-Law. Shall I get it from you next week?

  2. Hi Rob – would you be able to ship a signed copy of a book to the UK and,if so, how much in addition would shipping be? How about T-shirts.

    Look ford to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

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