Join The Desert Club – Street Team for Deserted Lands

I’m starting The Desert Club [pronounced like Dessert, get it? Like Lizzie’s Breakfast Club fixation.] Street Team for fans of The Deserted Lands Universe. Be the first person on your block to join the Desert Club.

What do I get? A free ALL IS SILENCE T-Shirt [T-shirts for U.S. residents only. I have a special easier to mail prize for International members.] and loads of karma points.

What do I need to do? Wear the shirt in public. Help promote the Deserted Lands novels. Write reviews. Below I’ve got a checklist of things members can do to earn more cool swag!

There are FOUR LEVELS of membership. To go up a level, complete 11 of the 15 items below. I’ll make a Fifth Level when folks get there!

  • Level I – Deserter
  • Level II – Scavenger
  • Level III – Recycler
  • Level IV – Collector

Want to join? Sign up for the newsletter in the orange box to the left and then send me an e-mail

How do I do promote the Deserted Lands novels? Here are some ideas: (If you join and do at least 11 of the following actions, you win something cool! A checklist will come with the intro package.)

  • Wear the shirt in public. Take a picture of it at a viewpoint or a historic site. Or in front of something from the book!
  • Tell a friend about The Deserted Lands series. Tell dozens of friends. Help them sign up for my newsletter.
  • Write reviews and rate the books, especially on Amazon, but you can also post them on other ebook sites, GoodReads, Booklikes, your local library sites, etc.
  • Ask me questions on GoodReads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • Find a quote and add it to the list of quotes on GoodReads.
  • Create a meme from one of my quotes.
  • Donate a copy to a local school library. Bonus points if it’s an alternative school or detention facility.
  • Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media.
  • Nominate a book or cover art for contests, book clubs, reading groups, etc. Vote if it’s allowed for the contests.
  • Comment, forward and like blog posts, promos, reviews.
  • Write a blog post about one of the books.
  • Suggest songs for novel playlists.
  • Request the books from your local library. They will often buy a copy. Check out book I then request book II.
  • If you’re in the Pacific Northwest see if your local bookstore would like to have me do a reading/signing.
  • Create your own Deserted Lands story. Make sure it fits the description of the world. If it uses characters I created you need my permission to publish it.
  • __________________ Your choice? Tell me about it.


  1. Stacie Gleason

    I found All is Silence thinking it would be a good late night read, expecting weeks or so to cplete due to my attention span problems. I just simply could not leave it alone! As a fan of post apocalypse scenes, I find this a favorite.

    • roblogger

      Thanks so much, Stacie. If you would like to join The Desert Club and get a T-shirt and some other cool stuff, send me an e-mail with address and shirt size. I guess I better write faster? 😉

    • roblogger

      Somehow I missed responding to this. Thanks so much for the compliment. WOuld you be willing to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads? What you said here would be great!

  2. Melissa Walls

    I read Straight into Darkness in 3 days, couldn’t put it down. Afterwards I gave it to my daughter to read, since I gave her All is Silence and got her hooked on your stories. We cannot wait for the next one. I am still waiting for you to do a reading/book signing here on the KP, as I know you would have a big following from the kids the same ages as my girls and possibly a few older ones like me. I have never really been into Sci-Fi type stories, but your books I couldn’t put down. Its also kinda fun telling people that I know a true author.

    • roblogger

      Thanks so much, Melissa,
      I’m definitely thinking about summertime. When is school out down there?

  3. Carmel Martin

    I would love a 2x shirt.

    • roblogger

      Please send me your address and size. I sent an e-mail.


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