Outward Bound

My Outward Bound: Science Fiction & Poetry ebook collection is available exclusively on the Kindle, you can either buy a copy, or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

The title, the name of one of the stories in the collection, may have been a poor choice. There are many other “Outward Bound” titles including a collection of Heinlein’s! But good company to be in.

Outward Bound_1

Table of Contents

  1. Beginnings (A Deserted Lands short story – unpub)
  2. Free to Fall (Poem prev pub)
  3. Outward Bound (SS prev pub)
  4. Starrior (Pm prev pub)
  5. In Formation (SS prev pub)
  6. Highway Rider (Pm prev pub)
  7. Shooting Star (SS prev pub)
  8. Crossroads of Time (Pm prev pub)
  9. Only Human (SS prev pub)
  10. Gone (Poem unpub)
  11. Born of Human Kindness (Short Story unpub)
  12. Children of the Sky (Pm prev pub)
  13. Regression Therapy (SS prev pub)
  14. Rocket Tears (Pm prev pub)

Bonus materials

  1. NOVEL EXCERPT from All Is Silence – A Deserted Lands story
  2. NOVELLA EXCERPT from Toils and Snares – A Deserted Lands story