Why I Wattpad is a continuing series of blogposts about my first year on Wattpad. Here are Part II, Part III, and Part IV

Have to shout out to my editor/writing friend/marketing maven, Amanda June Hagarty! She convinced me to give Wattpad a try. Check out her Middle-grade Speculative story, Little Lacey, she’s got 34 chapters ready to read.

As of this evening, All Is Silence had 32,222 reads, ranked #2 behind Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies in SF/Teen category, #50 in SF, #583 in Teen, Averaging 9%+ read-through rate from the first part of the story to the second. I also have 2 verified sales due to WattPad and probably a few more. The most exciting thing is, for every chapter I upload, another 100 people read through. At this rate I may hit 100,000 reads by the end of November, 200K by New Years and a million by May! Thousands of readers will have completed All Is Silence when my next book comes out. And I get some great feedback and fun comments directly from the readers.

WattPad may not bring everyone success, but I’m onboard. I’m also reading some really great authors: Margaret Atwood–Oryx & CrakeMark Leslie–the Kobo Writing Author Service’s guy and a smashing writer, and Scott Westerfeld. It’s a great platform to build an audience, most especially if you are writing anything that appeals to teen readers. Come check it out. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.