Three weeks mostly off the grid. When I left for Italy on June 23rd, my phone remained at the YVR, the Vancouver airport. So with no smart-phone and inconsistent/non-existent internet, I managed a few hours over the course of the last three weeks.  I spent those  keeping the e-mail pile from from overflowing, uploading a chapter [unsuccessfully] on Wattpad and posting a few photos and a tweet or two.

After about seven hours, I am mostly caught up. ALL IS SILENCE and STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS have re-risen on Wattpad back to #2 and #17 respectively. The e-mail boxes are only left with a few to do e-mails and the bills are checked.

Now, what I need to do is go back under and immerse myself in the rewrite of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS so I can hit my self-imposed deadlines. So, I’m going to aim for 90% of my time on writing and 10% on marketing for the three weeks.  I need to have the final draft of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS uploaded to Amazon by August 10th at 9pm PST or I will lose my right to pre-sales for the next year.

Next Wednesday morning. 10 am EST and 7 am PST, I will be appearing on Dr. Sally Ember’s Changes Hangout On the Air.  I’ll have the link up here and a reminder on Tuesday Night. You can comment and offer questions.

Wish me hard work and success.