“Real love is a man’s salvation, the weak ones fall the strong carry on…” ~Tom Petty from the song, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS.

Had lots of real love over the last week or so. It did make everything better.  But I am tired. The hardest end of a school year ever.  I’ve been getting a lot of writing/editing done this week as well as grading and cleaning. Also managed a visit to Village Books 35th Anniversary Party.

Buying a Dan Wells, a S.M. Stirling and a Connie Wilson at Village Books 35th anniversary celebration.

About to go relatively dark for a couple weeks. I’m heading out of the country for some rejuvenation time. So regular updates on social media will be limited. I’ll try to check e-mail every couple days. I’ll try to upload new sections of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS onto Wattpad [private only to my followers–follow me here.], but may just do a chapter a week rather than the little sections.

If you want to make sure you get to be a beta reader for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS sign up for the monthly e-mailing list in the orange box in the upper left! I will want a two week turnaround for reviews and feedback in order to meet my self-imposed deadline of August 8th.

I was going to write more, but I need to finish packing and getting stuff ready to mail before I go to bed tonight.

Cheers! Ciao!