Here’s a quick update. Warning: This post goes to eleven…

  1. Here is the new Cover art for

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  2. I turned 50 on February 15th. My kids are sending me to SPACE CAMP!
  3. Which reminds me, “Not to 50″ Series went to 55 with Part V on Missed my goal of getting Parts IV and VI out, but will get to them in March. 😉 I’ll just say I forgot?
  4. Writing update. Hit 20,416 words in February so far. On track for three new novels worth of rough drafting this year! NO MAN’S LAND – Deserted Lands Book III, is at 69,000 words.  Almost 77,000 words in the last 120 days. Project to hit 300,000 this year, beating my goal of 222,222 words!
  5. Working on a non-Deserted Lands story, working title – Thumbscrewed. It’s FantSciFi, alt-universe with magic for my writer’s group. Protagonist is a young hispanic teen in the PNW. A conglomeration of kids I worked with over the years.
  6. Young adult readers, my new short story, Drift Away, is still featured in the anthology THAT MOMENT WHEN… You get to sample 42 Young Adult Authors for FREE. For Amazon click the cover. Read more about it and get links to other e-reader stores in the blog post below. It’s FREE in all of them.
  7.  I’ll be doing a daily Rob as wRiter in Residence at my school for 70 minutes a day during our third trimester.  This will make the school schedule work and will give me an interesting challenge. I’ll be disappearing into the library with my non-internet friendly laptop and emerging with new words to share with you and my students.
  8. Hoping the March does not come in like a lion, as the last three months have given me enough stormy weather to last a while. At least until next year.
  9. I’m playing more guitar and have the crazy idea of maybe recording some of Lizzie’s songs for a bonus offer for my readers. Some live performances will be occurring in my future and I’ll let you know when I do.
  10. I will be publishing my Print E-book collection now that I have new cover art. If you are interested, you can have a printed collection of almost all my ebook short stories: Outward Bound Collection, TOILS AND SNARES, One Tin Soldier and probably a couple others tossed in for good measure.
  11. And finally, I will be appearing at the Chanticleer Authors Conference in Bellingham, March 30 – Apr 2. If you’re a reader instead of a writer, there will also be a three-day book fair, Books by the Bay, sponsored by my favorite bookstore, Village Books.