My tiny little snowball is rolling. Keeping it going with all the other distractions is a challenge. Just a couple updates:

February 23, 2015: Bellingham Alternative Library. Author Reading with my friend, Michael Sarrow.

Radcon 6c. Day 2. I was there. Started the morning with a swim in a deserted pool, then hot-tub. Now Breakfast, reading, Panel on Can’t Put It Down Pacing, then Writing Young Adult Fiction in the evening. Got to meet Jim Hines, Libriomancer/Genre-bending CoverArt guy and Ksenia Anske, woman of many hugs and guerrilla marketing! Saw Kevin Anderson. Paneled with Alma Alexander and some other cool authors!

Radcon 6c. Day 3. Went for a morning run. Opened Birthday presents. Music, books and a new Hat! Finished the con with a cool panel on Energy Independence. On Saturday night we saw some amazing fire play the the Ignite show. Also had ‘dinner’ with Kevin Anderson. Seriously some of the best Green Room fare at any Con I’ve attended. Sold a book to an audience member!

Birthday celebration in Seattle: Had dinner with many of my kids and grandkids, missed a few :-(. Then headed home to rest, recuperate and rewrite.