The Bellingham Herald will be publishing our Serial Speculative Fiction Story starting on July 22nd. It is set in a post-apocalyptic Bellingham 100 years in the future. Lots of local color and darn good yarn considering it was written by Six authors who each had 800 words to tell their part. It was a pleasure working with these folks. This is the order of publication–every Monday for 6 weeks.

  • Lawrence Kadow – Chapter One: July 22.
  • Tina Shelton – Chapter Two: July 29
  • Andy Brim – Chapter Three: August 5
  • Mary Schleinkofer – Chapter Four: August 12
  • Amanda June Hagarty – Chapter Five: August 19
  • Robert L. Slater – Chapter Six: August 26

Special Thanks to our editor, Dean Kahn.