A year ago today I became a published author with the e-book release of All Is Silence. I’ve been a published writer for years, but until this novel came out it only felt like a hobby. In August of 2013, I released Outward Bound, an e-book collection of mostly previously published stories and poetry with science fiction themes. That was intended to be a warm-up for releasing the novel. It went well.

I have big plans for 2015, and every year after that! The news isn’t all good for Indie authors, but it’s not all good news for any industry. Persistence is the key. With the recent addition of SmashwordsAll Is Silence is now available on all the primary, secondary and tertiary markets, as well as, nearly directly from me on Unbound Words.

I haven’t made back the investment on the Outward Bound collection and probably never will. I’m now giving it away nearly all the time and by the time Straight Into Darkness comes out it will be perma-free.

A year ago, I had no idea what I would learn. And I am still learning. I’m already behind on my goals for the year, but ahead of where I was this time last year! No one to measure myself against except me.