Last week on WattPad. TWO stories in the top
100 in Science Fiction!

JOIN MY NEWSLETTER AT THE bottom of this post by the end of this week to read the rough draft of Toils and Snares as a beta reader. The link will go out in my newsletter only on the 15th! Sample it here on Wattpad.

  • What will you get? Free short fiction on a monthly basis.
  • Opportunity to be a beta reader for my new stories, novellas and novels.
  • Information on appearances and sales.

What do I have to do if I’m a beta reader?

  • Well, you don’t have to do anything really.
  • You get to read the story. You get to help me make it better.
  • You get to quit reading it if it doesn’t work for you.
  • You get my eternal thanks.
  • You may get a copy of my book if you give me significant feedback.
  • I may also thank you in the next print book as well as my website.
  • I would love it if you would give me feedback.
  • I will have a survey with some questions that you can answer anonymously if you don’t want to hurt my feelings!
  • When it comes out, I would love an honest review or a rating.
  • I’ve got Rhino skin, really. I’ve collected 600+ writing rejections, lost roles to actors I thought were not very good and been told the ‘truth’ about myself by my own kids and many other people’s kids! 😉
  • I will have it available as pdf, epub [for Kobo/Nook] and mobi [for Kindle.]
  • If you really want to be intense I can share a google document and you can rip it apart with comments/suggestions word by word!

Thanks for the help and support. Please share this with parties interested in Apocalyptic Science Fiction.



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