Well…  Time pressure is upon me. I’ve got deadlines coming up and time to meet them. Will I have the stubbornness to keep my nose to the literary grindstone and git ‘er done? I’m planning on it, but next time, I am not setting a date for the release before I have the beta copy in my hot little hands. Really. I’m serious this time.

It’s not easy being an optimist. And I seem fairly incurable in that area. If I fall on my face this time, perhaps it will teach me a lesson. But I’m still thinking I can pull it off. Me and Crazy Lizzie.



In other news:

Efşan, wattpad name: @efsanokur, has asked my permission to translate ALL IS SILENCE into Turkish. You can click on the link on the image at the right and read it in Turkish. If you can read Turkish……..

Three weeks from now I will have returned from Worldcon in Spokane, hopefully, with some new industry contacts and some fire burning under my feet!

Cheers. I’m following Marshall Ryan Maresca down into the word mines.