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Chapter 1 is LIVE!

Happy July Folks,

Chapter One is available on the menu above. Nearly halfway through the rewrite/pre-story editor. Having fun fixing some of the most obvious NANOWRIMO goofs: POV shifts, talking head and summary scenes. Cutting and adding as I go. Currently over 85,000 words, but expecting to cut about 10% after my story editor, Amanda June Hagarty, finishes with it! 😉


Three Chapters yesterday

Chapter 13 was a beast as I discovered it was chapter of telling not showing. It probably took as long to rewrite right as it took to write it wrong in the first place. I’m still moving in the wrong direction of numbers of words. Well, I’m sure there are places to cut once it’s in editorial hands. Completed Ch 13-15, yesterday and hoping for 16-18 today. If you wish to be a beta reader, sign up on my e-mail list.

Yesterday’s Progress

On the writing side: Finished rewrites on Chapter 5-10 yesterday. Feels like the rwrite is going well. I found myself getting lost in the story!

2 covers

Cory Skerry, fellow Bellingham Writers Group member, has asked to use my covers as good examples in a workshop on what self-publishers should do for cover art.

On the publishing side: Purchased www.robertlslaterwriter.com, www.rockettears.com and www.robertlslater.info. All now point to www.desertedlands.com. Joining the Independent Book Publishers Association. Also have an appt. early next week with Alice Acheson, my Marketing Guru.

Cory Skerry is i

Rocket Tears Press
P.O. Box 1830
Ferndale, WA 98248-1830

Rewrites, word count, etc.

Progress on rewrites: I am about 1/7th of the way through rewrites. I started tracking word count changes, but lost track. So much cutting of paragraphs and words and then rewriting, adding. I need an App that monitors words cut and words added. I think I should get a point for each one! Cutting and rewriting is so much harder than first drafts, but I am learning a lot about things that I put in rough drafts that don’t move the story forward.

I’m just going to count chapters. Just finished chapter 5. 30 more to go. I think I can do 2-3 a day, so I should be able to get a completed third draft to the Editing Department (AKA Amanda) by June 12.