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Brews & Books, Rewrites, deadlines and other things that go bump in the night.

Come hang out with me and other PNW authors and readers this Saturday at Boundary Bay Brewery and Chanticleer Reviews: Books & Brews

How much harder is it to rewrite and edit than to write the first draft?  Plenty. Ten maybe Twenty times as hard.

I can see, read, feel my novel getting better as I hew of large chunks of text to bring the real, honest shape of the thing into focus. I’ve got some really good folks giving me very specific, meaningful advice. Many thanks to Amanda; my brother, James; and my writer’s groups.

Bottom line. I had hoped to have eARCs out next week. I’m now aiming for the end of the month. And the print ARCs will be a couple weeks later.

This is my marathon. What I am learning about myself and my writing should make the next on easier to run. I hope to not make as many mistakes.

Either way, it has been an amazing year.

“Free” CreateSpace Proof read-through

Well, I have a proof that will turn into my 5 “FREE” copies of my November Novel.

My goal is to read through it, beginning to end. Making notes of “What I Got” Holly Lisle How To Revise Your Novel Style.

I’ll post a comment when I am through.

Two New Deserted Lands Stories? Done. Mostly.

Well, not totally done. Finished the first drafts of two new Deserted Lands stories while riding to Vancouver, B.C. for a significant other’s birthday.

Great walk at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and then lunch at East is East. Great Indian food, lovely atmosphere. It’s 9 pm and I’m writing this blog post. I haven’t eaten since 3:30 and I’m still not hungry!

As for the stories. First reader Elena says… “Uh, is that a story?” for the first one. And for the second? “Ew. Yes. It’s a story. And it’s disturbing.” So, I figure, 50% isn’t bad. It would be great if I was playing baseball.

Now to reread and see if I can figure out what I lost in translation. The short story lacking the story line exists somewhere in a notebook I can’t currently find. I thought that REwriting it would magically make the notebook reappear. So far? No good. Well, as soon as this one is a story I’m releasing my ebook short story collection. So, I guess I better just go fix it.

Write on,

Third draft is done!

96,896 words. 39 chapters. Three Drafts. Thousands of words cut. First two endings cut. Ending changed. Now to get the last 13 chapters to the Story Editor.

Weirdest thing is that I only added 5000 words in the last five days. It seems like twice as much. Of course, there were scenes cut and added, so it may be more like 7500 words, but still. In November I wrote over 6000 words in one day!

REWRITING is about three times as hard as writing. And that’s coming from someone who likes to do both.


Hey folks,

Passed the half a million characters mark! ūüėČ And 92,000 words. Closing in on the ending. Which changed in the last two days. There is a certain pull, a point at which the characters tell you what they are going to do (provided you’ve raised them right!).

Created my first e-book. No chapters. 2nd attempt. Chapters, no text. Third time charm, Chapters, text, but extra numbers. 4th time excerpt. All cleaned up. Scrivener Rocks! Next book will be written in Scrivener. If you write, fiction, non-fiction, plays or screenplays, even comic books, you owe it to yourself to try Scrivener.

Turned over 301 of 411 manuscript pages to story editor, Amanda Hagarty of Mandy’s Media. My computer acting as my print server told me to shut down because there was an overheating error!  When it is finished and printed the manuscript pages will be about as long as an entire ream of paper!

Write on,

Word counts, Handcuffs and Storylines.

Hit 3107 words yesterday to raise $62.14 for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Fund. My 77,777 word novel is now over 90,000 words!

Rewriting Ch. 31 of 37. Discovered that handcuffs connecting three people magically disappeared. Found a cool video that shows how to get out of them, though.

Hoping to get through the last 6 chapters so I can get it all to the story editor, Amanda Hagarty of Mandy’s Media¬†printed and electronic by Monday evening.


Will Write for Cancer (Against Cancer!)

Will you pledge $ to St. Judes based on the number of words I write tomorrow? ¬†My biggest writing day was 6,000 words. I hope to hit 3,000 tomorrow. ¬†If you will pledge please go to http://dreadfulcafe.com/iron-writer for a flat rate pledge and if you want to pledge by word send me a response. I’m pledging a penny a word with a $30 minimum!

Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements

Working on rewrite of Ch 22 of 36. Averaging 2.2 chapters per day. Still aiming to have all of the current rewrite done by 7/12.

The next focus will be on readying Outward Bound: Speculative Fiction and Poetry which will include two unpublished Deserted Lands short stories. Best case scenario has it up on the three big sites for ebooks on July 22nd the day the Bellingham Herald Serial Speculative Fiction Story starts. Worst case is on the August 26th when my chapter is released. Big window, I know.

Also a nod to Robert A. Heinlein, Continue reading Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements

Bellingham Herald Serialized Speculative Fiction Story

The Bellingham Herald will be publishing our Serial Speculative Fiction Story starting on July 22nd. It is set in a post-apocalyptic Bellingham 100 years in the future. Lots of local color and darn good yarn considering it was written by Six authors who each had 800 words to tell their part. It was a pleasure working with these folks. This is the order of publication–every Monday for 6 weeks.

  • Lawrence Kadow – Chapter One: July 22.
  • Tina Shelton – Chapter Two: July 29
  • Andy Brim – Chapter Three: August 5
  • Mary Schleinkofer – Chapter Four: August 12
  • Amanda June Hagarty – Chapter Five: August 19
  • Robert L. Slater – Chapter Six: August 26

Special Thanks to our editor, Dean Kahn.