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February’s Smorgasblog

Here’s the latest eleven things for February.

1. On March 12th, Windward Boosters is teaming up with Barnes and Noble in Bellingham for a BookFair to benefit Windward High School programs. At 5 pm there will be five local YA writers: Royce Buckingham, Nick James, Jesikah Sundin, Tara Ellis and myself. We will each read a bit and then take questions and sign books!

2. GRAYS HARBORWeAreAllSF RESIDENTS FREE FRIDAY at the brand new Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Ocean Shores this November. You’ve got 8 days left to register! If you are a resident of Grays Harbor County, you may attend for FREE on Friday! You MUST register by Feb. 29, 2016 to receive this membership rate. Click down where it says Sponsoring Membership and choose: Free for Grays Harbor Residents.

3. A long time ago when I was writing short stories and submitting them regularly, I created  a phrase that I have since adapted for many other uses. F.I. Point. After someone said I should trade mark it, I decided to see how long ago I had said it on the internet! Three years ago. And I here I am mentioning it again. So, what is the F.I. Point? Well, it’s the polite way of saying F— I-! It’s the point where the story is as good as you can get it for the moment. Instead of burning it, the writer should then send it out offering it for sale [As per the Heinlein rules of writing.]

4. Finding myself in Overdrive. Overdrive is a way to borrow an e-book from a public library. The Sno-Isle has ALL IS SILENCE in their overdrive loan system. So, if you use Overdrive, please request it for your library! Thanks.

5. CD Baby, the music equivalent of Book Baby, has set me up with my own youtube channel for my music. #robslater. You can hear my first CD of folk-rock, singer-songwriter tunes, Some of the Parts. You can also hear it on Spotify or purchase it at CDBaby.com or iTunes.

6. A few posts from my personal blog over on www.robslater.com:

7. TWOSIES SALE: One more week of special prices and freebies on my fiction. New all-time highs on Amazon in February. Not blowing the old highs out of the water yet, but soon perhaps. Also doing great internationally on Kobo!

8. A week in a dry-docked boat this summer – This summer I’m going to have a week long writing retreat in a dry-docked boat in Port Townsend while Elena and Miranda do Fiddle Tunes at Centrum!

9. Waiting for my Hemingwrite… Except it’s now called a Freewrite. See advanced pics below. I’m thinking of doing a blog post or two on the  history of the ‘portable’ typing devices I’ve used throughout my writing career. I may wait to write it on my Freewrite.

I can hardly wait…

10. 1 day in a row of 500+ words of fiction… What did I write? My lips are zipped… I’ll just say that you may never read it under my name.

11. I’ll be presenting about “Reaching Reluctant Writers with NaNoWriMo” at the Washington Association of Learning Alternatives Convention in Grand Mound, March 3rd and 4th.

See you in March…


January Smorgasblog

Okay. Here’s a random list of catch up things for January. 11 in November, 12 in December… Should be either 1 or 13 in January, no? Well, somewhere in between. Here we go.

0. [inserted last] Today is Lizzie’s 14th birthday! Born 1/11/2002.

1. My friend and writing mentor Holly Lisle’ s Memory of Fire (World Gates Series) is on a special price for Amazon Kindle = $0.99.

My review: Great opening to a cool universe. Pretty classic parallel universe with lots of nice twists. Strong females! Yeah. Be happy that they are all out so you don’t have to wait read them all like I did! I can’t find my paperbacks, so now I can have it on ebook! Holly Lisle writes books you can’t put down. This is no exception. 

Currently #211 paid in the Kindle store! Check out her stuff at her websites: [Her Books & Blog] [Her Writing Classes]

2. First Convention booking WeAreAllSFfor 2016. WE ARE ALL SCIFI. NOV. 4–6, 2016 ♦ OCEAN SHORES.

Join Tor editor Beth Meacham, authors Jennifer Brozek, Nancy Kress, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Raven Oak, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, William F. Nolan, James E. Gunn, Angela Korra’ti and many, many more TBA for a fun con at the beach! Kid friendly!

Our other Guests of Honor include Celebrity Guest of Honor Drew Hobson (Grimm, voice actor, State of Decay & more), Games GoH Scott Hungerford, and musical guests Dara Korra’ti (Crime and the Forces of Evil) …and games, costumes, writing workshops, panels, dances…

See you there.

3. We now have the first two members of The Desert Club, a street team of Deserted Lands fans. Want to help? Want a FREE ALL IS SILENCE T-shirt? Click on the link.

4. Oh, and have I asked you to read Toils and Snares? Yes? A hundred times? Are you sure? Are you exaggerating. Only a little? Would you leave an honest review? You haven’t finished it? It’s on your Kindle? I’m needy? Did I tell you why? Did I mention that BookBub promos usually have over 20 reviews and I have 19? You’d tell me if I was that author, right? Oh, I wasn’t but I am now? Yes, in fact, we did play the game of questions in Drama at school. I lost? That was a statement? Oh. You’re right. Sorry.   

5. November’s Elevensies sale sold 111 ebooks, at least that was my count until one final sale came through from November on iBooks. So, 112. Probably biggest month ever for number of sales, but adding in promotional costs made it a less than average month in income. Still a lot more people have read one or more of the Deserted Lands series. I’m planning on doing another sale near my birthday in February and the date of ALL IS SILENCE’s print publication.

6. Some personal goings on you can check up on the non-writing blog. I’m working on lowering stress levels by finishing old projects, getting rid of shtuff, reading more, exercising more and rebooting my relationship with alcohol. Planning on blogging about these processes there, interspersed with non-alcoholic drink recipes and food to go along with them.

7. Working on building a library at Windward High School where I teach. So, moving books from my house thataway as well as donating a bunch of my books to worthy causes like Heinlein for Heroes, Books for troops, alternative high school and juvenile detention center libraries. If you would like to donate to my school library, let me know!