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SmorgasBlog Post III: Worldcon, Woops and WATTYS 2015!

Robert Slater saw Robert Sawyer at a Spider Robinson play, while Spider joined us by Skype! I saw and heard Robert Silverberg’s hilarious, tambourine accompanied plea for peace like they had at the 1968 Worldcon in Berkley. In between the tear gas and cannabis smoke wandered the Hari Krishnas chanting calmly. Also got to nod a greating to him. Hadn’t seen him in about 10 years. He looked great.

I missed the Heinlein Blood Drives and my autograph session was mostly a bust other than as a test run for the download cards from Greenerside Digital I’ll discuss below. I ended up spending a lot of time in my hotel room putting finishing touches on Straight Into Darkness.

I ignored the funny sounds that seemed to be coming from my laptop speaker which was, of course,  muted. I should have known. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow my own advice, and when the darn thing crashed with a Fan Error and refused to boot I have not backed up my in three or four eventful writing days. I recovered much that I had done on GoogleDocs, but what was done in my Scrivener file? It’s still there as I my two day shipping on the fan turns into three or four as well.

I nearly cried when I couldn’t find a scene that I had written. I sucked it up and used the school computer to create a new Scrivener document, so that I could release an updated version of the one I’d uploaded to CreateSpace a good two weeks before. Sigh…

So, all that to say, I should have taken note of the apocalyptic sun that greeted me in Spokane and been more wary! I may or may not Download cards Medhave print books at the release party. I will have download cards like these. The four e-books included would cost $16.96 on-line and you would not get the cool credit card sized cover art. They are good for one download each in either epub/kobo/nook/itunes or mobi/kindle formats. Your cost Friday at Village Books? $11.99, the same price as the paperback of Straight Into Darkness all by itself. I am willing to sign and mail these as well. I don’t have them up on the store yet, but if you want a set, let me know and I’ll send you a paypal invoice. Shipping is pretty cheap compared to a full book, too!

Please don’t forget to TWEET something like this: Check out my favorite for the Wattpad People’s Choice Awards. ‘s

Thanks. Hope to see you all soon for a reading near you.

SmorgasBLOG Post II: WorldCon, Countdown Deal, Book Release.

In honor of two years publishing ebooks, I’m running a WORLDCO(u)Ntdown Sale! TOILS AND SNARES – a short Deserted lands novel at 42,000+ words will be marked down from its regular price of $3.99, on a countdown sale for $0.99-$2.99!

eBookSoda will start the ball rolling Wednesday, August 19th featuring it at a price point of $0.99! That price will continue for three more days with BettyBookFreak doing a Daily Pick listing on 08/20/15, Book Barbarian on 8/21/15 and Robin Reads on 8/22/15. BKnights will probably close out the promotion (unless I have extra time between now and then) on 3/23/15 $1.99 at the $1.99, 50% off price-point. It will interesting to see if that will help or maintain any traction I have gained.

In addition to the U.S. Sales, TOILS AND SNARES will also be on sale across the pond on the U.K. Amazon site. Marked down from 2.99 GBP to 0.99 GBP from 8/19 until 8/22, then 1.99 GBP until the end of the day 8/25.

My hope as an author is that people will buy the deeply discounted TOILS AND SNARES and then about a week later there will be a bump for ALL IS SILENCE, followed by a bump a week or to later on STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. These promotions are not free and this will be the first time I have tried to build a promotion. We’ll see how it works!


Robert Silverberg, Robert Sawyer, and Robert Slater…. Well, hopefully, someday I’ll feel like a part of that list. The three of us and many thousands of other Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans are heading to Spokane, Washington to get our FANDOM(s) on!

I didn’t get chosen as a panelist this time around, but they’ve scheduled a signing to me on Sunday morning at the same time as their church services! 😉

I will have books (paperback, hardcover and e-book download cards), t-shirts, and CDs. Just send me a message on any of the social media I frequent and we can set up a time to exchange goods.

I’ll also be finishing final edits and uploading the files for the printer FROM WORLDCON! Crazy? Yeah. I’m doing this so I will have physical print copies of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS for….

…wait for it…next

Friday’s release part at Village Books in Bellingham. 

Hope to see you before school starts up again. Cheers and wish me safe and smooth travels. Also wish me good edits, please!



Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements

Working on rewrite of Ch 22 of 36. Averaging 2.2 chapters per day. Still aiming to have all of the current rewrite done by 7/12.

The next focus will be on readying Outward Bound: Speculative Fiction and Poetry which will include two unpublished Deserted Lands short stories. Best case scenario has it up on the three big sites for ebooks on July 22nd the day the Bellingham Herald Serial Speculative Fiction Story starts. Worst case is on the August 26th when my chapter is released. Big window, I know.

Also a nod to Robert A. Heinlein, Continue reading Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements