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12 Great Book Ideas for Holiday Gift-giving.

Here are a dozen books for the holidays from Rob’s Recently Read, Ready to be Read, and Requested to Read piles. And as James Wells  reminded me, “that most or perhaps all of the books you list are available at local booksellers including Village Books, Cozy Corner, and (we can call them local because they support local authors) our Bellingham Barnes & Noble store.”

Rob’s Recently Read

Also available as an audiobook.

Just finished The Great Symmetry by James R. Wells, I gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for those true Science Fiction fans. Far future, what-ifs and a tightly plotted story. Really a 4.5. From my blurb: Mr. Wells does a wonderful job of beginning en media res and jumping from the tense opening sequence into a media race to propagate competing versions of reality throughout the author’s well-developed setting. The theme of infoterrorism and the power of the media control gives us, like all great science fiction, a thoughtful what if to consider in our own time.

The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley. A great blend of Science Fiction, Greek Mythology with a touch of Romance. Oh, and Chess.

Ready to be Read

Started Elements, Book II in the Biodome Chronicals by Jesikah Sundin. This series will satisfy the fantasy and science fiction. Sort of a historical fiction meets a Blade Runner prequel universe. Book I – Legacy is out and currently on-sale for ebook at $0.99.

Also started The Ariadne Connection SaraStameyAriadneConnby Sara Stamey. A science fantasy about a plague healer in a near future earth damaged by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern, a grand epic fantasy by Selah J Tay-Song is also on sale for ebook at $0.99 and its sequel Dream of a City of Ruin is on my TBR pile!

GirlattheendoftheworldThe Girl at the End of the World by Richard Levesque features a tough teen after a strange virus has killed off most of humanity.

The Eternity Series by Mike Hartner, historical fiction told through generations in I, Walter; I, James and I, Mary.  I, Walter is currently free on Amazon.

For another historical jaunt, check out Jacob Kilgore’s Vagrant Prince also on sale as an e-book $0.99 at Amazon.

Harry Takes Off: Astounding Stories of Adventure (Iron Pegasus Book 1) is a steampunk novel by Steve Turnbull that I am looking forward to reading.

Requested to Read – On my list, but not yet on my pile:

Noble Smith’s Spartans at the Gates, sequel to the gripping Sons of Zeus, has been out and the third book in the trilogy: Sword of Apollo is out now, too.

Mindy McGinnis has released a book unrelated to my recent apocalyptic faves: Not a Drop to Drink and In a Handful of Dust. A Madness So Discreet is a dark, historical novel of mystery, madness and murder!

And finally, not that any of you get to read it yet, but I am reading a beta copy of my brother, James G. Slater’s space opera, Claustrom!

Happy holiday reading!

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Okay, ELEVEN short notes for NaNOvember…

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  3. PLEASE, PLEASE leave me an honest Review if you have read any of my books. If you’ve decided not to leave a review because you thought the book was only okay, please say that. One of my best friends gave me Three Stars on Outward Bound and explained in Renewthe review why he thought it deserved them. A volume of reviews, especially some that tell people why they might not like it helps me reach those who will. I created this Review meme for those of you who have seen Logan’s Run [and actually remember it! ;-)]
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  5. Elevensies Sale continues. ALL IS SILENCE is still on sale and Toils and Snares AND Straight Into Darkness will be on sale 11/22 until 11/30.
  6. On my personal blog I’ve started a series called Not to 50posts about approaching mid-life with humor and contemplation. This post is on losing things: hats, glasses, mind…
  7. As part of my ALL IS Science page, I wrote this guest post for my writer friends Richard Levesque on How the Power Stays On When The World Shuts Down.
  8. Pintado’s cover art for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS won one of five gold stars out of 110 covers for the October. Now ALL IS SILENCE is up for another award at COVER WARS. You can vote everyday! Scroll to the bottom to vote.
  9. Appearances:
    • November 28th, 2015. 12-4 pm. Local Author SigningsBarnes and Noble, Bellingham, WA.
    • December 10, 2015. 5:00PM until 8:00PM. Holiday Book FestivalBellingham Cruise Terminal. 17 local authors. Signing, chatting and selling. I’ll have books, t-shirts & ebook download cards.
    • December 12, 2015: GIFTS FOR GEEKS II. 2:00pm – 9:00pm AFK Elixirs & Eatery. Signing, chatting and selling: books, t-shirts and ebook download cards.
  10. Visit to Juvie! I’ll be visiting the Whatcom County Juvenile Detention center to talk to the kids there and donate some books.
  11. In terms of writing NaNoWriMo is more like NaNOOOOwrimo for me. I don’t want to start No Man’s Land until I have the plot solid in my head. So I have about 3000 words of plot that I am counting, but very few actual words of noveling. I’m sort of thinking like Field of Dreams. If I build the plot, the words will come!

SmorgasBlog – Autumn Falls…

Please, excuse the random catch-all of paragraphs that make up this post. Not sure that any of them deserve a whole blog post at the moment.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: There’s a new interview of me up on YA site: Off The Shelf from Derek Murphy.

COVER ART WIN: Pintado’s cover art for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS won one of five gold stars for fiction in the September Book Cover Design Awards from The Book Designer. Top 6 out of 115 entries.  “Stunning imagery meets professionally crafted typography. A top-notch design.” Also a great resource to find designers you like and get a sense of what works and what does not and why. Our entry and comments are about  3/4 of the way down the page right past Richard Levesque’s nice new cover for The Girl at the End of the World.

GUEST-POST on Greenerside Digital. The First e-book download card I had ever seen.  Notes on how download cards work and how I hope to utilize them. If you’re an author check this out.

GUEST-POST on Cabin Goddess’ Fourth Wall Friday. Get your own Damn Coffee! A fun interaction between myself and my protagonist.


  • November 28th, 2015. 12-4 pm. Local Author SigningsBarnes and Noble, Bellingham, WA.
  • December 10, 2015. 5:00PM until 8:00PM. Holiday Book FestivalBellingham Cruise Terminal. 17 local authors. Signing, chatting and selling. I’ll have books, t-shirts & ebook download cards.
  • December 12, 2015: GIFTS FOR GEEKS II. 2:00pm – 9:00pm AFK Elixirs & Eatery. Signing, chatting and selling: books, t-shirts and ebook download cards.

ELEVENSIES SALE – Sale on all of my currently available works of fiction. In 11 days leading up to 11/11 readers can get every one of my ebook works for under $11. Outward Bound, Just Desert, One Tin Soldier will all be FREE on certain days, Toils and Snares, $0.99; All Is Silence, $2.99, Straight into Darkness, $6.99. More info as we get closer.

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Guest Post: Destroying the World One Word at a Time

Hey folks,Girlattheendoftheworld

Today I’d like you all to welcome Richard Levesque to my Blog. He is the author the novel, The Girl at the End of the World, a genre partner to my ALL IS SILENCE more than any other book I’ve found. Check out his great new cover. The Girl at the End of the World is on sale now for only $0.99!

Destroying the World One Word at a Time

Plague. Natural Disaster. War. Alien Invasion. Zombies. They’re all catalysts for the end of the world in popular fiction and film. But what is the appeal of such stories? It’s partly in watching and reading with a bit of glee as all the bad things about our world come to an end. But it’s not just that. End-of-the-world stories aren’t just about the end of the world; they’re post-apocalyptic. They’re about what happens after everything goes wrong—which means they’re about survival. And that, I think, is the real appeal.

When I wrote The Girl at the End of the World, I thought of it first and foremost as a survivor’s story. Scarlett Fisher, the heroine, gets an unwanted surprise on her fifteenth birthday—the outbreak of a plague that quickly wipes out everyone she’s ever known. Left alone in a corpse-ridden Los Angeles, she has to figure out how to survive. She faces many challenges, all the while hoping there may be others like her—people who were lucky enough to have been immune to the disease. What she doesn’t think about, though, is that even if others have survived, that wouldn’t necessarily make them good people.

I’m convinced that readers enjoy living vicariously through characters like Scarlett. Reading about her, they picture themselves in peril, imagining themselves in her situation and empathizing with her losses, her fears, and her triumphs. This is true for just about any good end-of-the-world tale, from John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids to Robert Slater’s All Is Silence. The differences are in the ways the world ends—sometimes quietly and sometimes horrifyingly—and it’s the survivors who make it a real story after the dust has settled.

Does the popularity of such stories suggest that we really want to see the world end? I would suggest that’s not the case. Rather, such stories speak to an increased awareness of (and anxiety about) the fragility of our world. We are anxious about climate change, the spread of disease, political unrest, terrorism, etc. And when we see those threats, and worse ones, made manifest in a post-apocalyptic novel, we feel a little bit better for having survived the end of the world along with the characters. When the book is finished, we can go back to real life, scary though it may sometimes be, feeling ready to take it on. We’ve gone to the edge and looked over, and we’ve had characters like Scarlett and Lizzie along with us. Their survival is our survival, and while they may be battered and bruised in the process, we get to curl up with our Kindles and grab some comfort food when the peril gets too intense. There’s a little release that comes from going along for the ride with these characters, and when the world starts feeling a little too scary again, we can grab another book and dive in again.

For anyone who’s interested in diving into The Girl at the End of the World, I’ve dropped the price for the next few days. You can grab your copy at Amazon for just 99 cents. And if you want to read a sample, the first three chapters are available for free at Amazon.

What’s better, if you’d like a chance at winning a signed paperback of The Girl at the End of the World, I’m running a contest for new subscribers to my free newsletter. It’s open to people with US mailing addresses only and you’ll need to subscribe by the end of October. If you don’t win, you’ll still have access to a free ebook, free short stories, and announcements about sales and new releases. If that’s not what you’re interested in, I’d still like to hear your thoughts on why you find books about the end of the world so appealing.

Thanks for the guest post, Richard! I’m going to be following his lead and putting some books on sale in November, too!