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January Smorgasblog

Okay. Here’s a random list of catch up things for January. 11 in November, 12 in December… Should be either 1 or 13 in January, no? Well, somewhere in between. Here we go.

0. [inserted last] Today is Lizzie’s 14th birthday! Born 1/11/2002.

1. My friend and writing mentor Holly Lisle’ s Memory of Fire (World Gates Series) is on a special price for Amazon Kindle = $0.99.

My review: Great opening to a cool universe. Pretty classic parallel universe with lots of nice twists. Strong females! Yeah. Be happy that they are all out so you don’t have to wait read them all like I did! I can’t find my paperbacks, so now I can have it on ebook! Holly Lisle writes books you can’t put down. This is no exception. 

Currently #211 paid in the Kindle store! Check out her stuff at her websites: [Her Books & Blog] [Her Writing Classes]

2. First Convention booking WeAreAllSFfor 2016. WE ARE ALL SCIFI. NOV. 4–6, 2016 ♦ OCEAN SHORES.

Join Tor editor Beth Meacham, authors Jennifer Brozek, Nancy Kress, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Raven Oak, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, William F. Nolan, James E. Gunn, Angela Korra’ti and many, many more TBA for a fun con at the beach! Kid friendly!

Our other Guests of Honor include Celebrity Guest of Honor Drew Hobson (Grimm, voice actor, State of Decay & more), Games GoH Scott Hungerford, and musical guests Dara Korra’ti (Crime and the Forces of Evil) …and games, costumes, writing workshops, panels, dances…

See you there.

3. We now have the first two members of The Desert Club, a street team of Deserted Lands fans. Want to help? Want a FREE ALL IS SILENCE T-shirt? Click on the link.

4. Oh, and have I asked you to read Toils and Snares? Yes? A hundred times? Are you sure? Are you exaggerating. Only a little? Would you leave an honest review? You haven’t finished it? It’s on your Kindle? I’m needy? Did I tell you why? Did I mention that BookBub promos usually have over 20 reviews and I have 19? You’d tell me if I was that author, right? Oh, I wasn’t but I am now? Yes, in fact, we did play the game of questions in Drama at school. I lost? That was a statement? Oh. You’re right. Sorry.   

5. November’s Elevensies sale sold 111 ebooks, at least that was my count until one final sale came through from November on iBooks. So, 112. Probably biggest month ever for number of sales, but adding in promotional costs made it a less than average month in income. Still a lot more people have read one or more of the Deserted Lands series. I’m planning on doing another sale near my birthday in February and the date of ALL IS SILENCE’s print publication.

6. Some personal goings on you can check up on the non-writing blog. I’m working on lowering stress levels by finishing old projects, getting rid of shtuff, reading more, exercising more and rebooting my relationship with alcohol. Planning on blogging about these processes there, interspersed with non-alcoholic drink recipes and food to go along with them.

7. Working on building a library at Windward High School where I teach. So, moving books from my house thataway as well as donating a bunch of my books to worthy causes like Heinlein for Heroes, Books for troops, alternative high school and juvenile detention center libraries. If you would like to donate to my school library, let me know!

Now is YET! Live, but not Memorex.

I’ve been telling people for six months about when to buy STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. That answer was always, NOT YET, please. Well… Now is YET! It’s LIVE!

If you want a copy of the ebook, buy it from your favorite ebooksellers: Amazon/Kindle, B&N/Nook, Kobo, iBooks.

If you want a print copy, it’s available signed from . It is live on VillageBooks.com (Signed with $0.99 shipping and handling! If you want it personalized, leave a note in the Order comments box at the bottom.) and Amazon as a print book.

It will be a few weeks before you can get it at your local bookstore (Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Bellingham!) or your library, but it should be available soon. I’ll be sure and announce it.

If you haven’t read ALL IS SILENCE, order it here:  Amazon here, or Kobo here, or nook here or iBooks here! Thanks.

Get Ready, Get Set… It’s almost Yet!

Now is almost yet! I’ve asked those of you who are regulars to these parts to wait to buy your ebook/book version of STRAIGHT INTO STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS-frontDARKNESS until the book goes live. This will give the book a boost if bunch of folks all buy it close together. This increases its visibility and hopefully more people will fall in love with the cover, realize it’s book II and buy book one as well! So. It is live on VillageBooks.com  (Signed with $0.99 shipping and handling! If you want it personalized, leave a note in the Order comments box at the bottom.) and Amazon as a print book. It will be live as an ebook on September 8th on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBook, Smashwords and other ebooksellers!

So, please consider purchasing Straight Into Darkness and/or All Is Silence September 8th. If you have read All Is Silence and have not left a review on Amazon, you can do that here, or Kobo here, or nook here or GoodReads here or iBooks here!

Hope to see you all this year. If you live in the PNW and have a book store or library you’re friends with that would host, I’ll come to your town for a reading and signing!


10,123 word post [Please don’t be afraid to click]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this post is worth 10,123.GoSkagitReview-Soneda

I don’t mention these often, but here’s a pretty phenomenal review in the Skagit Valley Herald for a twenty month old book. Thanks to Brian Soneda at the Mount Vernon Public Library.



Preorder up on Smashwords.



Preorder up on Apple iTunesPresale iBooks thanks to Smashwords.



A cool screenshot of ALL IS SILENCE on Worldcat.





International AiSinAuckappearance in Aukland, Australia!




And another in a WA library. Perth in Western Australia that is!



Side effect of presales SiDeffectof2presales#417on Amazon…



Yes, to 50


“Not to fifty!” “This is for posterity!


Some great numbers AiS0nGoodReads4stars120Reviewsand quantities of reviews/rankings on GoodReads.




WP-A Cool Number-almostAlmost a really cool  number on wattpad is still a really cool number!

Thanks for taking a look if you made it this far! Hope to see all of you sometime in the next year!

10 Days and counting… Release date/End of Pre-Pub Prices…

Hey folks,

So much is happening as I approach the release date for my debut novel. All is Silence. The KOBO eBook is hovering around #7 on the Young Adult SF/Dystopian charts. I’ve sold copies in France, Canada, UK and US. There are mentions on websites in Hungary, and Australia, it’s available as pre-order in all the Big River stores internationally. When I google [“All Is Silence” Slater] I get 5-6 pages of results and only about half are directly attributable to me!

I have students at my school making a book trailer in the video class, talking about making a fan website and getting in trouble for reading my book in class instead of doing their homework. My target audience of Teen Girls who don’t read seems to be perfectly aligned with my intent. Others of both genders age 13 to 83 have praised its readability, and edge of your seat, “adrenaline-soaked,” edgy realism. Those who have finished it are asking how soon the next book will be out… Whew… [Too many ellipses… Sorry.]

All Is Silence is ON SALE $3.99 for eBook on all major platforms: KoboBarnes & NobleAmazoniBooks, and $11.95 for a personalized, SIGNED, shipped print copy from my this page. On February 15th, my 47th B-day the prices will rise to regular suggested retail in anticipation of the February 18th release. Ebooks will be $6.99 and the print price will be $10.99 + $0.96 tax and $3.05 shipping and handling for a signed copy.

Various worldwide vendors will provide it to you for less without my signature. If you are international, the Book Depository promises to ship it free to most places for a penny less than the cover price! If you wish to buy one that way and would like a signed bookplate. I will have a new Post Office Box listed here by the 18th.

We’re trying to find a date for a Book Release Party at Village Books, my primary partner in all of this. Current dates in consideration are March 14th and 21st.

Thanks for all the support and for coming on this ride with me.

Read on,


Pre-Publication Edition is Released/Printing

Hey, hopeful future faithful readers.

ALL IS SILENCE pre-publication is available as pre-order here and out in eBook format for the price of $3.99 at Barnes & NobleAmazon, Kobo, iBooks, and many more [over the next month].The pre-publication print run has about 20, [uh, TEN] copies left out of the 50 I ordered from the printers. It is also specially priced, as I cover the cost of shipping and handling if you order it in advance. I’ve also decided to print a hard-cover run of 50 books, more information on that soon…. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback.

If you are interested in a Hardbound copy, please e-mail me or comment below.


eBook is available now!

“Outward Bound” is available on the KOBONOOK, GoodReads, Scribd, eBookPie, Copia, iBook (iTunes), Sony Reader, and the Kindle. Coming soon on Baker & Taylor and Gardner’s. Perhaps eventually on Smashwords. Any Smashwords readers out there?

The title, the name of one of the stories in the collection, may have been a poor choice. There are many other “Outward Bound” titles including a collection of Heinlein’s! But good company to be in.