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eBook is available now!

“Outward Bound” is available on the KOBONOOK, GoodReads, Scribd, eBookPie, Copia, iBook (iTunes), Sony Reader, and the Kindle. Coming soon on Baker & Taylor and Gardner’s. Perhaps eventually on Smashwords. Any Smashwords readers out there?

The title, the name of one of the stories in the collection, may have been a poor choice. There are many other “Outward Bound” titles including a collection of Heinlein’s! But good company to be in.

Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements

Working on rewrite of Ch 22 of 36. Averaging 2.2 chapters per day. Still aiming to have all of the current rewrite done by 7/12.

The next focus will be on readying Outward Bound: Speculative Fiction and Poetry which will include two unpublished Deserted Lands short stories. Best case scenario has it up on the three big sites for ebooks on July 22nd the day the Bellingham Herald Serial Speculative Fiction Story starts. Worst case is on the August 26th when my chapter is released. Big window, I know.

Also a nod to Robert A. Heinlein, Continue reading Roberts’ Rules, Updates and birthday acknowledgements