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Please Help: Review Toils and Snares for FREE!

Hey folks, one of the hardest things to do for an author is literally to say, “Will you read my book?” In about 10 days, I’m planning to submit TOILS AND SNARES, the parallelequel/prequel to ALL IS SILENCE/STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS for a BookBub promotion.

Updated Cover
Updated Cover

BookBub is currently as close to a sure thing as one can find in publishing today and they only accept about 10% of the books submitted to them for promotions. They also like books to have been out a while and have a significant number of reviews. What is a significant number of reviews? Who knows? More than thirteen, I may suppose. That’s how many TOILS AND SNARES has.

So, if you are interested in reading this apocalyptic novel, less profane and violent than its parallelequel, please send me an e-mail or comment on this post. I will give you a read and review copy of the e-book in the format of your choice: mobi/kindle, epub/nook/kobo/ibook, or pdf.

I would ask that you be willing to read it and give it an honest review. So far it has only received four and five stars. Now, I am not asking for three star reviews, unless the book deserves it in your opinion, in which case, I am asking for less than four/five stars. I’m afraid 13 reviews is still in the All these people are friends and relatives category even if they are neither friends nor family.

If you have already read TOILS AND SNARES and not left an honest review, would you please take a few minutes to write a few sentences and give me a few stars, or however many you feel the novel deserves? Here’s the Amazon link for leaving reviews. If you’re feeling especially generous, you might also past a copy into GoodReads Link here, if you’re a member. And if you’re not a member and you’re a reader, I’d suggest joining. It’s really cool!

To sweeten the pot, when TOILS AND SNARES gets 25 reviews, I will give away a signed paperback copy of either Deserted Lands Book I – ALL IS SILENCE or Book II – STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS to one of those 25 reviewers! That’s pretty good odds. To make it even better odds, I won’t give the book to family or close friends. So, what are you waiting for? 😉 “Will you read my book?” If you have a friend or family member who reads Apocalyptic Fiction, tell them to send me an e-mail and accept my gratitude.
Thanks again,

Why I Wattpad – Part III

Why I Wattpad is a continuing series of blogposts about my first year on Wattpad. Here are Part I, Part II, Part IV.

This was going to be my mostly final wrap up on WP100KCh1PIWattpad, but I haven’t gotten all the data I need for that wrap up.  Since I have recently been sort of slapped in the face by an obvious Wattpad rule that I should have known, as well as, discovered some really cool benefits, I will do Part III today. When I have been on Wattpad a year, August 10, 2015, I will do a retrospective and let you know… That will probably be Why I Wattpad – Part IV.

How much should one be allowed to complain about a service that is not costing them a dime? Also a side-question to be addressed later. Do you own your own digital landscape or are you leasing? Or squatting? Or freeloading? Wattpad is more like bartering your digital acreage. You share your writing for free. In return, if you are good enough to gain a following, Wattpad helps you build that following. It’s about DISCOVERABILITY. (Click the link for a series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch all about Discoverability.)

About three weeks ago, ALL IS SILENCE, complete on Wattpad for a couple months and charting great numbers daily.  Each day I had an average number of individual section reads of 5,000+, 300+ votes and 22 new followers! Those numbers quickly dropped to 3,500 reads, 250 votes and 6 new followers! That last one hurt the most. I was frustrated. I blamed Wattpad. My story actually dropped off the charts despite still showing really good numbers.  Had they changed the algorithm? Was something darker at work? Had I made the Wattpad masters angry?

It took me a while to figure out why my high charting book fell off. STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS-front The answer was obvious once I accidentally fixed it. I had stopped interacting with people about ALL IS SILENCE on Wattpad. I had been so focused on finishing its sequel STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, that I literally stopped answering almost all the comments. Now, I had been unable to keep up with them, yes. But I was actually choosing to ignore those comments.  Then one day, I had a few extra minutes and no brain power left to write. So I answered half a dozen comments and got a few replies back. Then next day, things kicked back up a little. DOH! I did it again. I updated the FAQs page. Even better.

Now, my numbers are not up to what they were. I may have curtailed the steady rise and bought myself a lower rise over run because of my inattention, but I am getting back the mojo. Since I started paying a little attention everyday to ALL IS SILENCE, I have had four more days when I have been at #1! I had feared my chances there were over.

So the followup question is… why do I care? People don’t pay me to read my novel on Wattpad. Wattpad gets the advertising revenue. But they also host one of the easiest to use places to interact directly with readers/fans.  A month or so ago, I had my first real test of the viability of the following I’ve built on Wattpad.  I had hit a long stretch of flat-line in terms of new reviews on Amazon. So I had a bright idea in early March. Why not invite my Wattpad readers to submit reviews and offer a random drawing for the first 50 people who leave reviews on Amazon? The winner will receive a signed, hard-cover copy of ALL IS SILENCE shipped anywhere in the world.

My last review had been posted by a fellow author in late January. Then nada!  I had gained 27 reviews, most by family and friends in the year since publication.So I posted to my followers, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and explained my giveaway plan. I think I had about 1,100 followers then. In the next two and a half months I gained 22 reviews. I also gained some reviews on TOILS AND Toils robSNARES this way. When I hit 25 reviews of TOILS AND SNARES I will do a random draw for a signed paperback copy of ALL IS SILENCE. There are currently seven reviews. If you want to read and review TOILS AND SNARES for FREE, send me an e-mail at rob@robslater.com and tell me what electronic form you would like to read it in and I will send you a copy. The catch is you have to give me an honest review if you finish it. Not a bad deal, eh? [author’s note: T&S currently has 12 reviews, so you can still get it for FREE for a limited time.]

So, that’s Why I Wattpad. As Kris Rusch says, this would have been a shorter post if I’d had more time… But I wanted to share with those who might benefit.

Let me know in the comments if you have any brilliant Wattpad marketing ideas! Or tell what hasn’t worked. Thanks.

Why I Wattpad – Part IV.


Have you read a book not written by a bestseller…

…that you really enjoyed? Would you be so kind as to do me a favor and rate and/or rank it honestly somewhere? Especially if they are small-press or Indie published. We can handle the harsh reviews. We love constructive reviews. And everyone likes the reviews that say the story is amazing or perfect! 😉  [Personally, I like the ones that give me some idea of what didn’t work.]

As a writer, asking for reviews feels weird. It’s like asking for a tip if you are wait-staff and you didn’t just serve a party of 18.  How do we get around it? Building up a quantity of reviews opens doors. Some quality promotions, like BookBub, require that enough people have rated the books submitted to give some verification of quality past the writer’s best friends. Some writers have even got desperate enough to pay for reviews.

I haven’t succumbed to that. What I have decided to offer is a chance at winning a random drawing of a signed physical copy of my debut novel, ALL IS SILENCE, for people who leave a review of either ALL IS SILENCE or TOILS AND SNARES on AMAZON. When the novel reaches 50 reviews [It’s at 41 47 reviews now!] on ALL IS SILENCE, I will pick a random number and send that reviewer a free signed Hardcover copy of ALL IS SILENCE.  For TOILS AND SNARES, my goals are lower and so is the prize. When it gains 25 reviews [Only 6 reviews currently.] I will use the same procedure to give away a signed paperback copy of ALL IS SILENCE.

Hopefully, it’s someone halfway around the world who couldn’t afford a signed copy! I won’t give it to a family member or close friend, but will draw another number if that happens.  So far this method seems to be working well for ALL IS SILENCE, but not so much for TOILS AND SNARES. To further sweeten the pot, I will give readers who promise to give an honest review, a free ebook of TOILS AND SNARES.

If you want a copy of TOILS AND SNARES. please send me an e-mail requesting a copy in one of the following formats: nook/kobo[epub], kindle[mobi], or pdf. Thanks for reading all of these words and so many more!

Too Much To Say Today…

Okay. Too much to do, too much to say. So. Short bullet-like sentences. As if my story is building to a climax…

Wattpad Right Now! [DATA OVERLOAD WARNING]: ALL IS SILENCE is at 504,471 reads! So many people read it yesterday [11513 reads] that I forgot to upload the next section. 71,396 individuals have read chapter 1. 17,554 [24.59%] have continued on to the next chapter. 13,499 of them read the entire first chapter! 7K+ read 3 ch. 5K+ read 12 ch. 3+ have read 24 chapters. 1000 people have read everything I’ve uploaded so far. About 800 individuals read it every day. I have nearly 1200 followers. 18,877 votes. 1786 comments.

More WATTPAD. Next Monday, 6pm, Mar 23, 2015 at the Upstart Crows Writers Association Meeting at the WECU Building, 511 E Holly S, +Amanda June Hagarty and I will share our experience as successful Wattpad authors. All welcome. First meeting is free! Bring snacks and drinks to share.STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS-c4-fronteaser

Cover art is practically finished for Straight Into Darkness. I’ll give you a bit more on Sunday. I’m back into writing, rewriting and editing on the first draft. I plan to have the second draft off to the editor by the end of Spring Break, April 10th.

TOILS AND SNARES is selling well, I think. And my suspicion that 1/4 of the readers would go on to buy ALL IS SILENCE  seems to be an accurate guess! If you want to Read and Review Toils and Snare for free. Send me an e-mail. This offer will continue until I have 10+ reviews on Amazon.

Amazon has ALL IS SILENCE on sale for $3.82 cents. Not sure how that happened, but happy that they’re promoting it and I still get full ‘royalties’ from them. Be one of the first 50 to Review it on Amazon and get a 1 in 50 chance of winning a limited edition 1 of 50 signed hardcover copy of ALL IS SILENCE! Currently there are 29 reviews. So 21 slots left!

I’ve decided to forgo going to Norwescon this year. I’m a bit conned out and still have Worldcon in Spokane coming up this August. Besides, I need the writing time to finish  Straight Into Darkness.
My magical realism, women’s fiction, short story JUST DESERT will be free this weekend and next. I have two other short stories in the hopper to release on Kindle once I finish the draft of the next novel: both are speculative fiction on the science side. Expect those end of April and May.
PLEASE sign up for my newsletter if you want to be on the list to Beta read Straight Into Darkness. Now, back to writing.

Read & Review my fiction for #FREE with an opportunity to win #PRIZES!!!

Hey folks,

Bling, bling, bling!!! Feel free to share this information around with anyone who reads Science Fiction and/or Young Adult Apocalyptic fiction.

I am going to run a giveaway for a Hardcover copy of ALL IS SILENCE. [Ended up not doing this because it goes against Amazon’s Terms of Service.] Anyone who reviews ALL IS SILENCE will be included in the giveaway. You can read ALL IS SILENCE for #FREE on Wattpad. When I have 50 reviews on Amazon, I will draw a random number and whoever wrote that numbered review, I will mail them a signed, limited edition hardcover.

TOILS AND SNARES is LIVE on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SSSZEWU. If you want to read it for #FREE, I will send out e-book copies [in all the major formats] in exchange for an honest review. I will keep this offer open until I get 10 reviews on Amazon. You can sample it here at Wattpad, too.

Thanks for all the support!


Please Pubslush with me…

SiD pubslush kobo

Pubslushing… A kick-start for Writers!

About six months ago I entered a random drawing from the Kobo Writing Life blog for a Pubslush Writing crowd-funding support Giveaway. As with so many other times that I’ve tossed a hat in the ring, I won one of the second prizes–Bronze level support for a Pubslush Campaign.

I had not seriously considered doing any sort of crowd-funding kick-start or other funding model. But then I got to thinking… What if I ran it like a pre-sale? Folks could buy existing or future books from me at a reasonable level rather than essentially donating to a company that might not be successful. I wanted to provide less of a gamble for people willing to invest in me.

All_Is_Silence_coverThe next step was thinking of what would I try to fund? I was very happy with how book one, All Is Silence, turned out. I loved the cover art created by Pintado. I loved the editing by Amanda J. Hagarty. But what I really missed was being able to pay these folks and the line-editors later in the process, more of what they really deserved.

So I created award levels that would provide a level of value similar to the investment of my supporters. For example, for $5 supporters will receive an ebook copy of the new novel Straight Into Darkness [retail $6.99]. For $20 supporters will receive a Signed Paperback copy of All Is Silence & All Is Silence T-Shirt [retail $21.99].

Please pass the word, let your friends know about this opportunity to get stuff from me for near the regular price and it will help me fund other artists and editors who will help me produce an even better book the the first!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Please come fan the Pubslush campaign even if you can’t afford to pledge anything. And many thanks to the wonderful folks at Kobo Writing Life and Pubslush!

Free eBook of ALL IS SILENCE 24 hours TODAY 7/14

Please check out all the fantastic authors giving away e-books for free. Most of them are self-published. Take a chance, try someone new. I highly recommend, Mark Leslie.

Here’s my link for All Is Silence. [If it doesn’t work go here.] Yes, it will bring you back to my site, but if you jump through the hoop it increase the referrals to the sponsor CJ Lyons!

My Path to Indie Publication: Part VII–The Harder I Work the Luckier I Get

My Path to Indie Publication Series is a companion series to Marshall Ryan Maresca’s Path to Publication. I have been avidly reading Marshall’s posts since I discovered his blog. Read Path to Indie PublicationPart IPart IIPart III. Part IV. Part V.  Part VI. 

The Harder I Work the Luckier I Get *

The Harder I work the Luckier I get. I know this quote has been said many times and many ways for many years. But I heard it first from one of the hardest working authors out there, Kevin Anderson. I don’t know if I heard him say this or if I heard it from Kris and Dean or someone else, but the thought stuck. I didn’t always pull it off, but I kept it as a goal. How does an artist get successful? By putting their work and their ‘self’ out for public consumption.

At the end of November I was stressed. I had only hit about 35,000 words for NANOWRIMO 2013 – Straight into Darkness, compared to the nearly 60,000 the year before. I wanted to get the pre-release copies of the novel out before the Holidays, but I had only finished the “last” draft, post-ARC, version 8.0 of All Is Silence at the end of October. This and Scrivener’s learning curve for print production, much more challenging than e-book, took the air out of my sales a couple times.

All Is Silence went out to the copy-editors after edits from me based on Advanced Reader Copies [ARCs] feedback. Five chapters at a time, a few days apart. 12/12, 12/15-19 5 chapter each day, then 12/24 and finally 12/28. I rewrote the ending chapter after significant advice from my partner, Elena.

I pushed through winter break editing and formatting, still hoping to release the e-book on January 1st. My vacation from school was anything but. While all this was going on I couldn’t stop the marketing piece. I ran two GoodReads giveaways over Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. I blogged some. I built my Twitter following, Facebook, Google+ and newsletter lists. Christopher Key, a reviewer I’d known through my Shakespeare and theatre connections, agreed to review All Is Silence for the Entertainment News NorthWest, January edition. It was a stellar review noting Lizzie’s anti-hero. It came out on the 4th with a mention on the cover and then on the 7th of January All Is Silence went live to the world on two of the three major ebooksellers as I worked on finishing the formatting for print version.

Due to accidentally hitting the unpublish button on Kobo, I had trouble getting All Is Silence onto that market. I’d tried to republish and was waiting on a 72 hour process that took over a week. I was also fighting with ebook formatting wanting to keep my text in the fonts I had chosen for print. Baskerville for most of the text, but Arial Narrow Bold for the e-mails and texting between the characters. Then, a most auspicious e-mail arrive. Sam Kass, of Village Books, wanted to know if I was interested in a workshop with Kobo about their Self-Publishing site: Kobo Writing Life. I was frustrated by Kobo support’s lack of responsiveness on my issue {though I had not tried phone support [since phone calls are actually my Kryptonite. (I later used their phone support and received more immediate information.)]}.  Sam connected me with Mark Lefebvre, director of Kobo’s Self-Publishing and Author Relations [And an author himself under the name Mark Leslie]. He graciously helped me through my issues and even bought the first Kobo copy of All Is Silence when the narrative hooked him.

#3 with a bulletWe did the workshop. I learned a lot and gave pretty good advice, I think. Kobo ran a promotion for the book and lo and behold, the next day I was #7 on Kobo’s U.S. Young Adult Science Fiction chart. It went as high as #3, surrounded by Veronica Roth’s Divergent Universe books (Allegiant was the next book and her short stories filled many of the next rows). My story with Kobo was only beginning as I readied for the February 18th release date.

I wrapped up another GoodReads Giveaway at the end of January and was disappointed with the results, but to counter that was the good news that All Is Silence had been named a Finalist in the Dante Rossetti YA contest.

Next Week: Part VIII–Print Release, Awards and Readings.

* Adapted and expanded from the Foreword to Outward Bound: Science Fiction & Poetry, a collection of some of my published and unpublished works. Top

Final GoodReads Giveaway. Enter until St. Patrick’s Day.

Final GoodReads Giveaway for All Is Silence. 2 Signed copies. Shipped to you. Tell your friends. If you’re in Northwest Washington come to my Novel release Party Friday, March 14th at Village Books in Bellingham, downstairs in the Reading room.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

All is Silence by Robert L. Slater

All is Silence

by Robert L. Slater

Giveaway ends March 17, 2014.

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