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Short Help Me List & Desert Club invite.

1.  Please vote for ALL IS SILENCE in Wattpad’s STORY OF THE YEAR contest! It’s one of the top 150 Wattpad stories, but they’re letting readers with Twitter accounts vote. If you don’t have a twitter account, you can still spread the word. You may have to search Slater to find it. It’s currently hovering around #60.

2. Lizzie Goodin-Guerrero loves music. Pretty much everything from before her third birthday in 2004. Monday, January 11th was her 14th birthday! So, if there are songs you think she would listen to or songs to listen to while reading a certain part of her story, please send them to me. I’ll post it under the fun tab.

3. Join The Desert Club shirt[Like the Breakfast Club, but pronounced like dessert!). If you’re a fan of the Deserted Lands you can become a ‘Deserter’ and get a FREE ALL IS SILENCE T-Shirt and the opportunity for more special prizes! Come find out more at the Desert Club page.

January Smorgasblog

Okay. Here’s a random list of catch up things for January. 11 in November, 12 in December… Should be either 1 or 13 in January, no? Well, somewhere in between. Here we go.

0. [inserted last] Today is Lizzie’s 14th birthday! Born 1/11/2002.

1. My friend and writing mentor Holly Lisle’ s Memory of Fire (World Gates Series) is on a special price for Amazon Kindle = $0.99.

My review: Great opening to a cool universe. Pretty classic parallel universe with lots of nice twists. Strong females! Yeah. Be happy that they are all out so you don’t have to wait read them all like I did! I can’t find my paperbacks, so now I can have it on ebook! Holly Lisle writes books you can’t put down. This is no exception. 

Currently #211 paid in the Kindle store! Check out her stuff at her websites: [Her Books & Blog] [Her Writing Classes]

2. First Convention booking WeAreAllSFfor 2016. WE ARE ALL SCIFI. NOV. 4–6, 2016 ♦ OCEAN SHORES.

Join Tor editor Beth Meacham, authors Jennifer Brozek, Nancy Kress, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Raven Oak, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, William F. Nolan, James E. Gunn, Angela Korra’ti and many, many more TBA for a fun con at the beach! Kid friendly!

Our other Guests of Honor include Celebrity Guest of Honor Drew Hobson (Grimm, voice actor, State of Decay & more), Games GoH Scott Hungerford, and musical guests Dara Korra’ti (Crime and the Forces of Evil) …and games, costumes, writing workshops, panels, dances…

See you there.

3. We now have the first two members of The Desert Club, a street team of Deserted Lands fans. Want to help? Want a FREE ALL IS SILENCE T-shirt? Click on the link.

4. Oh, and have I asked you to read Toils and Snares? Yes? A hundred times? Are you sure? Are you exaggerating. Only a little? Would you leave an honest review? You haven’t finished it? It’s on your Kindle? I’m needy? Did I tell you why? Did I mention that BookBub promos usually have over 20 reviews and I have 19? You’d tell me if I was that author, right? Oh, I wasn’t but I am now? Yes, in fact, we did play the game of questions in Drama at school. I lost? That was a statement? Oh. You’re right. Sorry.   

5. November’s Elevensies sale sold 111 ebooks, at least that was my count until one final sale came through from November on iBooks. So, 112. Probably biggest month ever for number of sales, but adding in promotional costs made it a less than average month in income. Still a lot more people have read one or more of the Deserted Lands series. I’m planning on doing another sale near my birthday in February and the date of ALL IS SILENCE’s print publication.

6. Some personal goings on you can check up on the non-writing blog. I’m working on lowering stress levels by finishing old projects, getting rid of shtuff, reading more, exercising more and rebooting my relationship with alcohol. Planning on blogging about these processes there, interspersed with non-alcoholic drink recipes and food to go along with them.

7. Working on building a library at Windward High School where I teach. So, moving books from my house thataway as well as donating a bunch of my books to worthy causes like Heinlein for Heroes, Books for troops, alternative high school and juvenile detention center libraries. If you would like to donate to my school library, let me know!

December Smorgasblog – Keep Warm and Dry

12 mini-blog posts for the Holidays. If the weather gets too bad, curl up with a book or an e-book.

A stand-alone parallelequel to ALL IS SILENCE.
A stand-alone parallelequel to ALL IS SILENCE.

I’m re-submitting Toils and Snares for a FREE [Free for the reader, not for me! ;-)] promotion at BookBub today.  If you have read Toils and Snares, please leave an honest review here. In order to successfully submit a book to BookBub, they want enough reviews to be certain it is good enough for the people who subscribe to their service. If you are willing to read and review it, I will send you a FREE ebook copy of it to read. Just send me an e-mail or comment at the bottom of this post. Thanks.

My first novel,  ALL IS SILENCE, won a WATTYS 2015 Award for Collector’s Dream. Wattpadders can add books they want to read to their Collections and they made it one of the the most-added stories of 2015.  Today there are three easy ways to buy ALL IS SILENCE:

  1. KOBO 30% off ebook – $2.79 with this link and code DEC30
  2. Still waiting for Amazon to put the kindle version at the $3.99 price, so it’s $2.99 for now here.
  3. Want a print version? Go to Village Books and get SIGNED COPIES of one or both of my books in time for the holidays with only $0.99 shipping.

I’m having a great month on Kobo. STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS is being featured on their Science Fiction Next Picks lineup and ALL IS SILENCE is in their December 30 as mentioned above.

In December I will be making appearances at the following events and locations. Come see me there.

  • December 10, 2015. 5:00PM until 8:00PM. Holiday Book FestivalBellingham Cruise Terminal. 17 local authors. Signing, chatting and selling. I’ll have books, t-shirts & ebook download cards.
  • December 12, 2015: GIFTS FOR GEEKS II. 2:00pm – 9:00pm AFK Elixirs & Eatery. Signing, chatting and selling: books, t-shirts and ebook download cards.
  • I’ll be visiting the Whatcom County Juvenile Detention center to talk to the kids there and donate some books.

Join my ‘street team’ The Desert Club [Pronounced Dessert club so it’s a play on The Breakfast Club which Lizzie loves.] and help me promote my books to new readers.

On my personal blog I’ve a post about drivers, the inattentive and tentative, titled Drive South [a nod to one of my faves: John Hiatt…]

Pintado’s cover art for ALL IS SILENCE is up for another award at COVER WARS. You can vote everyday! Scroll to the bottom to vote.

And a partridge in a pear tree…


Path to Indie Publication Series is a companion series to Marshall Ryan Maresca’s Path to Publication. I have been avidly reading Marshall’s posts since I discovered his blog. Read Path to Indie PublicationPart IPart IIPart III. Part IV. Part V. Part VIPart VII. Part VIIIPart IXPart XPart XIPart XIII.

Part XII—Promotion. What worked for me… [Gradually updating this post as more numbers come in.]

May not work for you. Mileage varies. Seriously.


My experiment this week? This is it. This blog post, okay probably two-three blog posts this week, but nothing else. I’m not doing any promoting as such. I’m simply letting my books sit at certain prices. ALL IS SILENCE is only $2.99. [Author’s note: I sold two copies during the week.] Ironically, TOILS AND SNARES, half the length is currently $3.99, because it has to stay at the original price for two weeks after a countdown promotion. Then I’ll move it to $2.99 and add STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, now at the New Release price of $6.99, temporarily selling for $4.99 from 11/22 to 11/30. [Three copies AiS and one of SiD in three days between promos.] Thus closing out the ELEVENSIES sale with all three major ebooks available for under $11.

I started the month with a 7 day Kindle Countdown deal on TOILS AND SNARES at $0.99, marked down from $2.99. Mixed in giveaway days for all my short fiction and dropped the price of ALL IS SILENCE to $2.99 for the entire month. I earned almost the same exact amount of sales in August as I did in November, but there was a long tale of Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) reads in August that did not stretch as high or as far as in November. In fact, November’s KENP was more than triple the number of reads. Of course, as soon as I said I had a 13 day streak of KENP reads in a post, it disappeared. I had feared it would and even commented to that effect on my note. KENP which counts for almost half a cent per ‘kindle “page”‘ equated to 26 sales at the sale price, an average of 4+ sales of TOILS AND SNARES a day over two weeks. Not too shabby. My advertising expenses? $65. My net income $61 and change.

Now ALL IS SILENCE has been on sale for $2.99 all month, selling steadily, but not really jumping until the adverts kicked in on the 9th and six sales on the 10th. The promotions did not come close to covering costs if we only count likely residual sales of ALL IS SILENCE, but the sales have continued steadily. And I am within a few dollars of covering all the advertising costs accrued so far this month. Sales of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS and KENP reads have made up for those sales. So this week with no paid promotion and no additional effort, it will be interesting to see if it continues to sell at that same pace.

Wattpad has gotten focused attention on other blog posts, but my final evaluation is that though I will sell few books through Wattpad, I will likely gain significant fans who do things like vote for my novel’s cover art, and hopefully, tell their friends, and hopefully, eventually become book buying adults who will grab future books in print or electronic form.

I’ve applied for three BookBubs, all for TOILS AND SNARES. I’ve not yet gotten one. I lowered it from a $0.99 a Free and feel that the number of reviews, holding steady at 15, is likely holding me back. I will continue to submit TOILS AND SNARES until it is either chosen or I am ready to submit ALL IS SILENCE at $0.99 price point which will probably be in February. So, if you have read TOILS AND SNARES or would like to in order to give it an honest review, please let me know.

Promotions Current Evaluation: What I’ve mostly learned is that a lot of the success is still random, but I’ve always come within a few dollars of breaking even on my grouped promos and that means that a lot more people are reading them, I’m really hoping for a few of those reads to turn into reviews. I’ll update my results the first week of December.

Semi-Final November: 48 copies of AiS ebook, 9 copies SiD ebook, 32 T&S. 17 full reads on KENP [about equivalent to selling 11 at $2.99] So, as of 11/29. I’ve sold between 100 and 106 ebooks in November. 111 would be better considering the Elevensies sale or even better 121! This does not count sales from slow reporters like BookBaby. Even later news: Ended November Elevnsies sale with 111 after some adjustments and 2 late posters from BookBaby came in. February Twosie Sale? Also 111 sales so far. 


Thanks for reading the Path to Indie Publishing.

SmorgasBlog – Free Fiction with Newsletter sign-up

Okay, ELEVEN short notes for NaNOvember…

  1. Free Fiction with Newsletter sign-up. Put your e-mail in the orange box to the left. I will send you a FREE e-book of Toils and Snares. If you’re already on my mailing list and haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?
  2. NewCoversBkI&IIHere’s the first view of the updated cover art with Book I and Book II! So cool.
  3. PLEASE, PLEASE leave me an honest Review if you have read any of my books. If you’ve decided not to leave a review because you thought the book was only okay, please say that. One of my best friends gave me Three Stars on Outward Bound and explained in Renewthe review why he thought it deserved them. A volume of reviews, especially some that tell people why they might not like it helps me reach those who will. I created this Review meme for those of you who have seen Logan’s Run [and actually remember it! ;-)]
  4. Join my ‘street team’ The Desert Club [Pronounced Dessert club so it’s a play on The Breakfast Club which Lizzie loves.] and help me promote my books to new readers.
  5. Elevensies Sale continues. ALL IS SILENCE is still on sale and Toils and Snares AND Straight Into Darkness will be on sale 11/22 until 11/30.
  6. On my personal blog I’ve started a series called Not to 50posts about approaching mid-life with humor and contemplation. This post is on losing things: hats, glasses, mind…
  7. As part of my ALL IS Science page, I wrote this guest post for my writer friends Richard Levesque on How the Power Stays On When The World Shuts Down.
  8. Pintado’s cover art for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS won one of five gold stars out of 110 covers for the October. Now ALL IS SILENCE is up for another award at COVER WARS. You can vote everyday! Scroll to the bottom to vote.
  9. Appearances:
    • November 28th, 2015. 12-4 pm. Local Author SigningsBarnes and Noble, Bellingham, WA.
    • December 10, 2015. 5:00PM until 8:00PM. Holiday Book FestivalBellingham Cruise Terminal. 17 local authors. Signing, chatting and selling. I’ll have books, t-shirts & ebook download cards.
    • December 12, 2015: GIFTS FOR GEEKS II. 2:00pm – 9:00pm AFK Elixirs & Eatery. Signing, chatting and selling: books, t-shirts and ebook download cards.
  10. Visit to Juvie! I’ll be visiting the Whatcom County Juvenile Detention center to talk to the kids there and donate some books.
  11. In terms of writing NaNoWriMo is more like NaNOOOOwrimo for me. I don’t want to start No Man’s Land until I have the plot solid in my head. So I have about 3000 words of plot that I am counting, but very few actual words of noveling. I’m sort of thinking like Field of Dreams. If I build the plot, the words will come!

Book Clubs and Classrooms – Study Questions on All Is Silence

Now that ALL IS SILENCE has been out for a while, folks have started doing bookclub readings of it. In order to help out, I have created discussion questions for ALL IS SILENCE.  I found questions written for Mindy McGinnis’ awesome book, NOT A DROP TO DRINK and adapted them.

I would be very excited to visit your book club in real life if you are within Western Washington or virtually if you are not. We can meet online via Skype or Google Hangouts. If there is another venue you would like to meet virtually on, please let me know.

If you are interested in doing a book club or class study of ALL IS SILENCE or STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, please contact me about special prices for larger quantities of the book. Every 10 books will get you a free book and free shipping. Smaller quantities will get a graduated discount.

Here are the questions. If you have questions that go deeper into the meanings of the ALL IS SILENCE or the rest of the Deserted Lands Universe, please share them below.

AIS Half-Title BastardDISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Download as word or pdf.

  1. In what ways is Lizzie forced to mature and take on adult roles? Provide examples of this.
  1. Lizzie notes that she’s always breaking promises as she decides to go outside. Does she always break her promises in the book? What are the exceptions?
  1. Lizzie’s relationships with adults are rarely positive. What about her life sets this up?
  1. Lizzie cares deeply about many things. What is important to Lizzie and why?
  1. How far in the future do you think the novel is supposed to take place? What makes you think that?
  1. What do you think is the theme of ALL IS SILENCE? Trace the theme throughout the book and provide examples.
  1. How do the teen-agers face the end of the world differently than the adults and why? How do they differ from each other? Why?
  1. One of the aspects of ALL IS SILENCE readers have questioned is the continuation of electrical based services. Talk to someone in your local area about power sources, cell towers and how long would it take to lose what services and why?
  1. The title of the novel is a reference to a rock and roll song. Which song does it reference? If you are unfamiliar with the song, once you locate it, read it. What do you think the novel has in common with the song that would cause the author to choose this title? Think critically and creatively.
  1. Each of the sections also has a rock song title. How do they connect to what happens in that third.
  1. This novel has been described as both dystopian, post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic. Which is the better definition and why?
  1. Outside of the human equation what will the effect be on other animals, domesticated and wild, as time goes by?
  1. If 95-98% of the human population dies, how long will the food last? Most apocalypses immediately assume that people will be fighting over food and valuables. This author takes the opposite approach—there is suddenly plenty of everything.
  1. What is the role of parenting in this novel, and who plays the role of parent and in what ways?
  1. Different communities have responded very differently to the crisis, from hippy-peaceful-sharing to martial law. Which way do think things would be likely to go in your local community.
  1. The author has created a subset of survivor who has been impacted, losing many of their higher reasoning skills. They are variously referred to as drones, dog-people and the simple ones. Which of these terms is most appropriate and why? What would be the best way to help these people?
  1. Are there clichéd characters or plot elements in this novel that either escape the cliché or are sunk by it?
  1. Many people consider the level of profanity excessive in ALL IS SILENCE. Do you think it is excessive, why or why not? Would it work as well if the language was tidied up?
  1. The writer who wrote ALL IS SILENCE is a forty-something male? Are there moments where the character of Lizzie does not seem to be a teen girl? Does it matter what the gender of the author is?
  1. According the American Library Association, Young Adult Literature is a term that refers to literature written for an audience of 12-25 year olds, with a median age of 18-19. Though some disparage literature labeled such, in fact much of classical literature taught in high schools and colleges has been designated for youth or even children, including books by Dickens, Twain, Austen, and even Shakespeare. Given that the target audience of books such as this novel seems to be this age group, discuss why it might especially appeal to the young adult audience or be especially relevant for your generation. Why might you also want adults of an older generation to read and consider this work?

Adapted and inspired by questions on
Mindy McGinnis’ Not a Drop to Drink.

Please Help: Review Toils and Snares for FREE!

Hey folks, one of the hardest things to do for an author is literally to say, “Will you read my book?” In about 10 days, I’m planning to submit TOILS AND SNARES, the parallelequel/prequel to ALL IS SILENCE/STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS for a BookBub promotion.

Updated Cover
Updated Cover

BookBub is currently as close to a sure thing as one can find in publishing today and they only accept about 10% of the books submitted to them for promotions. They also like books to have been out a while and have a significant number of reviews. What is a significant number of reviews? Who knows? More than thirteen, I may suppose. That’s how many TOILS AND SNARES has.

So, if you are interested in reading this apocalyptic novel, less profane and violent than its parallelequel, please send me an e-mail or comment on this post. I will give you a read and review copy of the e-book in the format of your choice: mobi/kindle, epub/nook/kobo/ibook, or pdf.

I would ask that you be willing to read it and give it an honest review. So far it has only received four and five stars. Now, I am not asking for three star reviews, unless the book deserves it in your opinion, in which case, I am asking for less than four/five stars. I’m afraid 13 reviews is still in the All these people are friends and relatives category even if they are neither friends nor family.

If you have already read TOILS AND SNARES and not left an honest review, would you please take a few minutes to write a few sentences and give me a few stars, or however many you feel the novel deserves? Here’s the Amazon link for leaving reviews. If you’re feeling especially generous, you might also past a copy into GoodReads Link here, if you’re a member. And if you’re not a member and you’re a reader, I’d suggest joining. It’s really cool!

To sweeten the pot, when TOILS AND SNARES gets 25 reviews, I will give away a signed paperback copy of either Deserted Lands Book I – ALL IS SILENCE or Book II – STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS to one of those 25 reviewers! That’s pretty good odds. To make it even better odds, I won’t give the book to family or close friends. So, what are you waiting for? 😉 “Will you read my book?” If you have a friend or family member who reads Apocalyptic Fiction, tell them to send me an e-mail and accept my gratitude.
Thanks again,

Why I Wattpad – Part IV

Why I Wattpad is a continuing series of blogposts about my first year on Wattpad. Here are Part I, Part II, Part III.

WP-A Cool Number-almost
Almost 123,456 reads on Chapter 1 – Part I

Success breeds success.  When Wattpad agreed to Feature ALL IS SILENCE it quickly became established as a ‘good/successful’ book. Because it was featured the statistics rose incredibly. [If you don’t wish to read the statistics skip ahead two paragraphs.] It hit to high-points of 12000+ reads one day, 633 votes on a different day.

Hitting 100,000 reads had been cool, but then reads really started racking up. While on vacation this summer I hit a 1,000,000 reads near the end of June and 50,000 votes not long after, then 4000 comments. ALL IS SILENCE passed Scott Westerfield on the Completed Science Fiction chart! 132,000 people have started it, 5145 have finished it. It spent 57 [non-consecutive] days at #1 on the HOT Science Fiction chart.

Wattpad #19-#20

Now it has an average of 175 reads a day, votes meander from a literal handful [4] to a few hundred, though hundreds is now less than half. It’s slowed down. I can now answer all the comments on all three of my uploads: ALL IS SILENCE [complete], TOILS AND SNARES [Excerpt. 6 of 15 chapters uploaded] and STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS [Excerpt. 12 of 35 chapters uploaded]. They’re all three in the SF Hot 300, though T&S doesn’t stay there. [More about that in the advice below.]

Is there still a benefit? Yes. Now, I have a small army of 3500 followers/fans. True, they are an army of cats so getting them organized and going in the same direction is practically impossible, but also unimportant. If I post a request for Beta Readers, I get a bunch of people who already like my stuff. If I offer a free download on another story, there is a bump. I was hoping for a significant bump for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS that I can attribute to WATTPAD, but I haven’t figured out how to measure that yet.  I know that putting out a request for reviews on ALL IS SILENCE has worked. I would credit my Wattpad followers with about half of the last 30 reviews. That alone may be worth it.

But the real question is this… If I give away a book for free on Wattpad will the benefits out-way the costs? Many authors are concerned that they’ll lose money. Probably not. Most wattpadders are not part of the work-force and not likely to buy an ebook from Amazon. Yes, ALL IS SILENCE is available for sale on Amazon, too. It’s still doing fine there.

The primary benefit of Wattpad is building a fan-base. To do that you have to post regularly and interact with your fans, but it is very successful in this regard. The feedback from readers is nearly universally positive. I have only had about 3 interactions that I would consider negative and one of those was due to giving another author unwanted advice on how to request that an author read their book. I suggested that just sending the link was crass. [Still is. This might segue into the advice section. Yup.] I told him he should send a short 30 word blurb along with polite salutations and then the person he wants to read his book can take it or leave it.

ADVICE SECTION: First three came directly from my editor, Amanda June Hagarty. Glad she convinced me to give Wattpad a try.

  1. Upload smaller pieces two or three pages [I aim for about 1000-1200 words] at a time.
  2. Upload two or three times a week. Make the times consistent, put it in your calendar and then don’t miss it. If you’re writing as your posting this gives you a motivating deadline.
  3. Communicate with your fans. You don’t have to respond to every post/comment, but try to get a comment to each of the people who are sending you a comment stream. Those comments boost your story’s ranking.
  4. If a comment offends you, you can report it. I called out jerkish behavior on my books, but Wattpad will do it for you.
  5. Track your data. I used GoogleDocs. It can give you insight into changes you make and how they effect the outcome.
  6. Upload longer works. If you have a first book in a series, I heartily recommend uploading it in its entirety to Wattpad.
  7. As new chapters are uploaded the author should dedicate each section as they are uploaded. Dedicate it to another Wattpadder who has commented a lot recently. If you try to go back and do it later, like some authors have, it is an overwhelming job, but if you do it as part of the set-up when you’re adding the live link to your website, it is a very small amount of work.
  8. The sweet-spot for me, when I was uploading three times a week seemed to be about 9 pm P.S.T. I think it’s because the Wattpad counts may reset at midnight E.S.T., but I’m not certain. This was one of the last hunches I had and don’t have hard evidence.
  9. Once your story is complete, you can still get some boost, by editing your description and chapters. It will pop back into the system as ‘newer’ if not ‘new.
  10. Don’t send too many “To all my followers” posts. I try to send one every 2-3 weeks now, and try, try, try to not send more than a couple a week! People will get sick of you and start ignoring you. When you do send these posts, try to make them fun and offer the readers something like: “Sign up for my newsletter this week and read my new story for #FREE!”
  11. Have fun. Write on.

Did I miss anything? Is any of my advice skewed or no longer valid? I’ve been treading water for the most part, though this last two weeks I’ve been trying to get Straight Into Darkness up the SF charts. Highest ranking so far is #9! Let me know. ~ Rob


SMORGASBLOG POST: Please Don’t Buy My Book-Part II and more…

Okay, excuse the random catch-all of paragraphs that make up this post. If you want to skip all of it and get straight to finding out how to read STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS for FREE before it comes out at the end of the month press here. HERE.
A week ago I discovered I that I’d sold two copies of Straight Into Darkness on Amazon Kindle. That’s pretty exciting. I hope they are sales to people who have never heard of me. If you are thinking about buying Straight Into Darkness on Kindle, AND you are reading this… please wait. The best possible scenario for getting the book to bump up in the rankings is to get a steady stream of sales once it goes live.
Sitting. Wrapped in blankets.  Hat on head. Windows open. Cool wind blows. Why? It’s summer and I don’t have air conditioning. So when I get up early to write with the windows open so it won’t be sweltering in six hours…
The Release Party for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS will be at Village Books Reading Room in Bellingham on Friday, 08/28/2015, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Hope to see you all there. Please tell your friends.
Okay, I am Clinically, Chronically Optimistic, Perhaps even Delusionally Optimistic.  I am paying the price right now with 12-16 hours days of writing/editing/rewriting.  I am stressed. I am excited. The book is good and getting better. Next time I have a book release, however, I am going to meet with my partner and my editor and the three of us will each have one vote as to when the release dates are scheduled. I am once again working on my Montgomery Scott Rule. Estimate time by multiplying by FOUR!


Want to read STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS? Sign up for the newsletter here. Tonight on August 11th at 11:11:11, you will get directions on what to do next. There will be three options with sub options. 
#1 – BETA: This is the most exciting. Race with me to the deadline. of August 21st! Read the chapters on Google Drive. Make comments, suggestions. Get your name included in the thanks for the print version of the book. Get a free copy of the final print version!
#2 – EARLY REVIEWER: This is a little less stressful. Read the novel on Google Drive. Make comments, suggestions if you wish. When the book is out August 28th, write me a review on Amazon, post it on GoodReads, too if you’re willing.  And/or Kobo/Nook/iBook.
#3 – REVIEWER: Even less stress. Same as above, but wait until it comes out. I’ll send you a finished ebook of your choice of format. You can still look for typos and goofs, I will be able to fix them in the eBook, but you don’t have to stress about having it all done by the end of the month.
Sub-options for each of the above categories.
A – Change to a different category. #1 is too stressful, move to #2, then #3 if you need/want to.
B – Buy the darn print book when it comes out. Rate and rank it when you get around to it. 
C – Don’t finish the book, forget you ever knew me! 😉
The first step is to sign up for the newsletter.
Thanks. Back to work. 

Why I Wattpad – Part III

Why I Wattpad is a continuing series of blogposts about my first year on Wattpad. Here are Part I, Part II, Part IV.

This was going to be my mostly final wrap up on WP100KCh1PIWattpad, but I haven’t gotten all the data I need for that wrap up.  Since I have recently been sort of slapped in the face by an obvious Wattpad rule that I should have known, as well as, discovered some really cool benefits, I will do Part III today. When I have been on Wattpad a year, August 10, 2015, I will do a retrospective and let you know… That will probably be Why I Wattpad – Part IV.

How much should one be allowed to complain about a service that is not costing them a dime? Also a side-question to be addressed later. Do you own your own digital landscape or are you leasing? Or squatting? Or freeloading? Wattpad is more like bartering your digital acreage. You share your writing for free. In return, if you are good enough to gain a following, Wattpad helps you build that following. It’s about DISCOVERABILITY. (Click the link for a series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch all about Discoverability.)

About three weeks ago, ALL IS SILENCE, complete on Wattpad for a couple months and charting great numbers daily.  Each day I had an average number of individual section reads of 5,000+, 300+ votes and 22 new followers! Those numbers quickly dropped to 3,500 reads, 250 votes and 6 new followers! That last one hurt the most. I was frustrated. I blamed Wattpad. My story actually dropped off the charts despite still showing really good numbers.  Had they changed the algorithm? Was something darker at work? Had I made the Wattpad masters angry?

It took me a while to figure out why my high charting book fell off. STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS-front The answer was obvious once I accidentally fixed it. I had stopped interacting with people about ALL IS SILENCE on Wattpad. I had been so focused on finishing its sequel STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, that I literally stopped answering almost all the comments. Now, I had been unable to keep up with them, yes. But I was actually choosing to ignore those comments.  Then one day, I had a few extra minutes and no brain power left to write. So I answered half a dozen comments and got a few replies back. Then next day, things kicked back up a little. DOH! I did it again. I updated the FAQs page. Even better.

Now, my numbers are not up to what they were. I may have curtailed the steady rise and bought myself a lower rise over run because of my inattention, but I am getting back the mojo. Since I started paying a little attention everyday to ALL IS SILENCE, I have had four more days when I have been at #1! I had feared my chances there were over.

So the followup question is… why do I care? People don’t pay me to read my novel on Wattpad. Wattpad gets the advertising revenue. But they also host one of the easiest to use places to interact directly with readers/fans.  A month or so ago, I had my first real test of the viability of the following I’ve built on Wattpad.  I had hit a long stretch of flat-line in terms of new reviews on Amazon. So I had a bright idea in early March. Why not invite my Wattpad readers to submit reviews and offer a random drawing for the first 50 people who leave reviews on Amazon? The winner will receive a signed, hard-cover copy of ALL IS SILENCE shipped anywhere in the world.

My last review had been posted by a fellow author in late January. Then nada!  I had gained 27 reviews, most by family and friends in the year since publication.So I posted to my followers, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and explained my giveaway plan. I think I had about 1,100 followers then. In the next two and a half months I gained 22 reviews. I also gained some reviews on TOILS AND Toils robSNARES this way. When I hit 25 reviews of TOILS AND SNARES I will do a random draw for a signed paperback copy of ALL IS SILENCE. There are currently seven reviews. If you want to read and review TOILS AND SNARES for FREE, send me an e-mail at rob@robslater.com and tell me what electronic form you would like to read it in and I will send you a copy. The catch is you have to give me an honest review if you finish it. Not a bad deal, eh? [author’s note: T&S currently has 12 reviews, so you can still get it for FREE for a limited time.]

So, that’s Why I Wattpad. As Kris Rusch says, this would have been a shorter post if I’d had more time… But I wanted to share with those who might benefit.

Let me know in the comments if you have any brilliant Wattpad marketing ideas! Or tell what hasn’t worked. Thanks.

Why I Wattpad – Part IV.