Publication Date: September 2015.

What if safety felt like prison?

How does a girl who never had a place in the world before it ended, find her place in the new world?

Ninety-eight percent of the people on the planet are dead. Lizzie is pregnant from an end of world one-night stand, and the situation is complicated. Her family, friends, the government of Provo, aka The City and one of the last outposts of civilization, all want to keep her safe.

And it’s driving her nuts.

She should be staying safe inside the walls of The City, but she’s got to get out. A dangerous mission is exactly what she needs right now.

Read a sample HERE. If you like the cover art, I highly recommend PINTADO who designed ALL IS SILENCE and STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS.

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ANALOG Review excerpt: Like All is Silence, this is one of those teen books that’s equally rewarding for adults. Lizzie’s new world is brutally well-imagined and well-presented; she and her friends are compelling, interesting characters that the reader cares about. Slater leaves readers wanting more. Fortunately, Crazy Lizzie’s adventures will continue into another volume. ~ Don Sakers. – Read the full ANALOG Review HERE. 

Plus ca change… excerpt: STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, is a worthy successor [to ALL IS SILENCE] began in Bellingham after a mysterious plague kills most of the world’s population. Our ADHD anti-heroine, Lizzie, has been running away all her life, to the point where that’s her normal reaction to any situation. One thing you can count on when Lizzie runs away: things will get worse. Post-apocalyptic Utah is no picnic in the park. The City of Provo is struggling to reclaim civilization and is clamping down on its citizenry, something guaranteed to trigger Lizzie’s flight-or-flight syndrome. The subtext running through both the books is the age-old dilemma of security versus freedom. Lizzie wants one, but not at the cost of the other.  Sounds kinda like certain pre-apocalyptic societies.

STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS is classified as a Young Adult novel. Don’t let that label fool you. Slater’s works may be about young adults, but they’re satisfying reads for all ages. It’s a page-turner and you might want to consider carefully before jumping into it at night.  ~ Christopher Key – IMHOBellinghamRead the whole review HERE.

Excerpt: In ALL IS SILENCE Lizzie was constantly on the move: Now Lizzie’s staying put and going stir crazy. Everyone has their own ideas about how the world should be run.  Let’s just say when things get tough, it’s scary what starts to seem necessary “for the good of humanity.”

The book really heats up. The end builds to a climax full of power plays and resource control.

Apocalypse books have been done to death. I really liked the ending of STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. It’s that nice blend of set-up for intriguing conflict without an unsatisfying cliffhanger. In particular, I really liked the last line. Perfect tone for the book and the series overall. I can’t wait to read the next one. ~ Rachel Ann Hanley. WRITER AND READER. Read the whole review HERE.

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