Tomorrow is an interesting day. I’ve been teaching less, so I can write more, one less class a day since early December. I got a lot of new writing done in December and January, slowed down in February. Now instead of writing before I go to work a little late, I will be doing my writing time inside of my school day. Due to complications of scheduling our students who need both chemistry and calculus in the morning, I will be teaching a class and then NOT WORKING AT WORK for 70 minutes, then teaching the rest of my day. So, during second period, I will take my writing device into the library attached to my classroom and begin a daily writing residence!

Will it work to write fiction while I am at my day job not working? All sorts of potential complications: procrastination, interruption, lesson planning, weird schedules, etc. Staff and students have agreed to recognize and respect this time, in return we get a schedule that works for everyone else! 😉 Now, one of the best ways to motivate myself to getting lots of writing done is to hold myself accountable and publicize my progress.

I also want to share some of what I am writing with the students. So, even though finishing Book III is my biggest goal right now, I’m planning on writing some new work that will be appropriate to share with my students and the public.

I don’t know what I am going to write tomorrow. I’m thinking, I’ll break up the 70 minutes as follows. 30 minutes focused on NO MAN’S LAND, then I’ll take a few minutes to stretch, breath, visit the facilities. I will likely have finished all my coffee sometime previous. Then 30 minutes focused on something more PG rated. It could be Charley’s or Grace’s Deserted Lands stories. Or maybe I’ll finish the story about the Chip Monks set 100 years in the future in Whatcom County. Or should I write something new completely from scratch? I’ve got that steampunk idea about Col. Koobedarg rolling around in my brain as well….I’ll be posting regular updates on Facebook as well as bringing back my word-count progress meters on this website.

Don’t wish me luck, wish me hard work