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twitter_signinCrazy_Lizzie Hello…… R U There? Jess? anybody?

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Lizzie profile picHelp Lizzie know she is not alone. Send her messages by writing in the comments below. What would you say to Lizzie if the world had just ended and you were all alone? What words of encouragement do you have for her? Do you have a question about the books to ask her? Anything at all, feel free to fill up this page with your comments. If Lizzie has access to a computer or smart phone and the powers not out where she is, she will answer you back.

18 thoughts on “R U There?”

  1. Hey Lizzy, still alive in Gig Harbor, earthquakes have hit here, so lots of roads blocked…hope everything is good on your end.

    1. Ashlyn,
      I miss Washington. Glad the earthquakes were small this time. Probably would have killed lots of people if they weren’t already dead. ha ha. Provo, aka The City, is safe and sound. But my family AND the government won’t let me go anywhere.

      1. Stay with your family, being safe and stuck somewhere is better then being dead, besides Saj needs to stay with his big sissy, Ive got my family still no one was infected thankfully

        1. Thanks, Ashlyn,
          You’re right I’m sure, but I’m not sure how long I can hack it. I hate feeling trapped.

  2. Hey lizzie.
    The world is tough, but things happen for a reason. We’re all meant to live, laugh, love, and of course die. But it’s important not to dwell on mistakes, or people who have done you wrong. People are @$$H07E5, but it gets better down the line. I self harm also, and everyday I think of suicidal thoughts. But it’s no one’s fault really. I just usually think of it as a bug go on with my day. To survive you have to forgive but never forget, that’s how I survive in the real world anyway. I usually forgive my confusing past, but I never forget.
    We women have to stick together right?
    Anyway thanks for the series, can’t wait to finish the first two books! — @n0nym0us

  3. Hey @n0nymo0us,
    Glad my internet is holding out through the secondary network. My scars are there forever, to remind me, that I’m still here. I’ve added the tattoos to tell me I have choices. Yes, I’m working on forgiving my confusing past. But I’m not giving in. damn straight we women have to stick together.

    1. Yep my scars too.
      In your situation I would just leave the world. I could never live alone, But at least you have a family that loves you. I have a family, two actually. I wish I could trust them, I wish I could actually believe they loved me. Someone I know had a family, just him, his grandmother, and his brother. All taken away from him in a blink of an eye. That was the only family he had, and he loved them very much. His grandmother had been shot like a dog by a couple of militian troops when he was 5. His brother died years later, he was manslaughtered by a family of cannibals during a chase. He appreciates his new family alot, I do too. I hope you are okay with your new life style. Did it seem a bit weird to you that you were living a whole new life? – An0nym0us.

      1. An0nym0us,
        im learning to be alone. That way im better when im with my fam and frenz. love yourself first. let the trust grow.

        its the same life just the next step. transition was tough.

  4. Hi Lizzie
    things aren’t so good here in NZ everything’s gone to hell and I’m out of food and water. I’d go and scavenge but there have been raiders in the area and I think they are armed. I know you can’t do anything but pls reply

    1. Joshua, sry to hear things suck. You need to find some family. Be careful. Message me back. Lizzie

  5. Hey Lizzy, Internet went out for a while, just got it up and running again, with winter coming, we have been getting storms, we had a tree knock out our main power line, right now running a back up generator, family is staying safe, keep warm this winter is going to be a cold one.

  6. Hay lizzie, I’m called lizard
    Things are not to good in the desert
    I saw zombie vultures circling a injured snake
    I couldn’t watch so I went and ate a egg
    It was good

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