Order a personally inscribed copy of All Is Silence–A Deserted Lands novel

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ALL IS SILENCE Final Cover Medium

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Inscription? Local? International? Multiple Copies?

Please tell me how to spell your name, or any specific dedication you would like in the “note to seller” section on PayPal. If you live in Whatcom or Skagit counties, please e-mail me and we can exchange a signed book for $10 at a location, such as a library or coffee shop, near us. Please allow 1 week for shipping and handline. Sorry, U.S. ADDRESSES ONLY. If you are not in the U.S. and are still interested, send me an e-mail and we can see how much shipping costs will be. [I sent a book to Hungary for $18.30 U.S.] European retailers will be able to get print copies at reasonable prices after it is officially released. If you wish to purchase multiple copies, e-mail me for a quote.

6 thoughts on “Order a personally inscribed copy of All Is Silence–A Deserted Lands novel”

  1. Hi! I’ve checked all of our distributors to order this through them and cannot find anyone stocking it yet. Just wondering if these “pre-publication” copies that can be pre-ordered are the final printing of your book or ARC copies? Thanks!

    1. Lisa,
      The pre-orders will be the same physical book as the final printing.

      I have ARCs available and there should be at least 1 that I left for Aubri and Tamar. I think Christine Perkins may also have one.

      I’d be happy to bring one by, or send you an electronic copy if you’re interested.


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