As ALL IS SILENCE has climbed the WATTPAD Science Fiction charts to #1, I have started to get a few questions over and over. I can only assume [be careful you know what that means, Rob.] that other folks might have the same questions.

If you have any other questions you think other readers might like answered, let me know. Eventually, I’ll get a new page up on the website for these! Thanks. Rob

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have any Writing Advice/Publishing Tips?
A. Publishing tips? Here are a dozen blog posts on My Path to Indie Publication.
A. Writing advice? Roberts’ Rules of (w)riting
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Q. How long is ALL IS SILENCE/is it done yet?
A. All Is Silence is finished and has 35 chapters. I will be uploading a chapter a week in three parts until early April 2015, then I’ll upload the first several chapters of its sequel. If you can’t wait, you can go to and purchase an e-book or print copy.
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Q. Can you help me with my grammar/critique my story/help me format my e-book/etc.
A. I completely appreciate the desire to have someone read and offer a critique. One kind writer give me a verbal critique of the beginning of my first novel. Unfortunately, I am a school teacher by day, parent by night and have to squeeze in the times that I get to write and edit. I teach English so I get to edit papers daily. My son is applying for colleges and has an A.P. Literature class, so I offer suggestions and edits for him. In addition, I am in a writer’s group because I still need advice on my writing and I offer edits and critiques for that. So unless you go to my high school, join my writer’s group, or become my kid, I’m afraid I’m going to have to say no. If you join my newsletter at you will hear about any conventions I might be attending and I will be doing writing workshops at some of them.
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Q. Are there more books about Lizzie? How many books are in the Deserted Lands series?
A. Lizzie will be in at least three more books, her trilogy and then one several years down the road. I currently have nine novel ideas for the series and about that many short story ideas. I will be releasing the novella [short novel about 111 pages] TOILS AND SNARES, a parallelequel to AIS, in the next month. It has different characters, but take place at the same time. It explains a bit more about how the pandemic happened. If you want to know more sign up for my newletter [yadda, yadda, yadda].