Thanks for all the positive comments on the intro story, Beginnings, and the cover art for Outward Bound: Deciding to release an eBook collection made of mostly previously published works was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past six months. I’m learning all sorts of things about Scrivener, eBook formatting and marketing. Unfortunately for the release of the eBook, the only distributor that may be up and running on August 20th may be Kindle. I’m finding the Nook and Kobo sites more difficult to deal with and so I may let BookBaby distribute to everyone, except Amazon. I want the best looking version of the book, the .mobi file that I have created with Scrivener to be at the biggest eBook market. I will also have individual download cards for all major eBook formats, but those won’t be available until Mid-September. Hopefully, what all these delays mean is that when the novel comes out everything will be releasing within days of each other.