Hey folks,

Passed the half a million characters mark! 😉 And 92,000 words. Closing in on the ending. Which changed in the last two days. There is a certain pull, a point at which the characters tell you what they are going to do (provided you’ve raised them right!).

Created my first e-book. No chapters. 2nd attempt. Chapters, no text. Third time charm, Chapters, text, but extra numbers. 4th time excerpt. All cleaned up. Scrivener Rocks! Next book will be written in Scrivener. If you write, fiction, non-fiction, plays or screenplays, even comic books, you owe it to yourself to try Scrivener.

Turned over 301 of 411 manuscript pages to story editor, Amanda Hagarty of Mandy’s Media. My computer acting as my print server told me to shut down because there was an overheating error!  When it is finished and printed the manuscript pages will be about as long as an entire ream of paper!

Write on,