Well, June is nearly done and I haven’t written a blog post since May! Wow. So this will be another quick recap of what’s happening…

  1. ReBeginnings: Releasing the Printed eBook collection of TOILS AND SNARES/OUTWARD BOUND on July 1st at Village Books in Bellingham. It will be available exclusively from Village Books. They will ship [and any of my other books] for $0.99 anywhere in the U.S. This collection begins with the story: Beginnings. It’s first line is “The end.”  The two individual Ebooks are both on sale for those of you who don’t need it in print! Only $0.99 for both starting July 1st on Amazon’s Kindle.
  2. The End of School. I worked my last day of school for the 2016-2017 school year on Tuesday, June 27th! A challenging year due to snow/ice and other natural phenomena.
  3. The Beginning of the End. Throwing myself back into NO MAN’S LAND. It currently sits around 72,000 words. Aiming to put another 30,000 in during the month of July. The planned release for Lizzie’s book three is the beginning of October.
  4. Beginnings: My family welcomed a new granddaughter last month.
  5. Beginnings: My first translation–French is available as an e-book in various worldwide sources. Here’s one. LES TERRES DESOLEES – UN MONDE DE SILENCE. I have the Italian and Spanish versions getting ready for publication. To be followed this year by Portuguese, Chinese, and hopefully German.
  6. Beginnings: My daughter got a dog: Gunnar. He will live away from the multiple cats we already have.
  7. Beginnings: Thanks to Amanda J. Hagarty of Mandy’s Media for the website redesign. I intended to do a relaunch, but….
  8. Beginnings planned. I hope to record an audio book for TOILS AND SNARES this summer after I finish the first draft of NO MAN’S LAND.
  9. Endings: Late to work. I have taken a pay cut/time cut in my day job to be able to write more. If I can help it I will be writing every morning before I go to work. This was very successful this last winter, I hope to really up my production to two or more new novel-length works each year.
  10. Endings: End of a slump, thanks to counseling and medical intervention for hopefully bringing an end to the recent depression and anxiety and giving me new beginnings in my teaching and writing energy!
  11. The end. Or the beginning. Hopefully not the beginning of the end…