Well folks,

We’re into November and NANOWRIMO: NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. If you know my propensity for DOuble TYping CApital LEtters, you understand part of the reason why I like this activity. The other reason I love it is because thanks to NANO I now know [hear that?] that I can make it as a writing pro. I sent my 2012 NANOnovel to the printer for Advanced Reader Copies to send to Reviewers, Booksellers and Librarians ONE YEAR after I wrote the first words. And I’m pretty damn proud of it. I feel like I’ve finally gotten through my million words of dreck and am now producing decent fiction.

I write a lot with music and over the last year have been meandering through Twitter and Google+ and the whole idea of hashtags has only recently gelled in my brain. So last week I created my first original hashtag: #NANOWplaying. So as you check me out in social media, you’ll probably get a sense of the noveling process through my listening pleasures.

#NANOWplaying: Bush – Glycerine.

STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS is over 10,000 words and plot points and scenes are now popping unbidden into my head. The first week was scary because I felt like I was floundering, but pushing forward, without overwhelming myself paid off yesterday with enough new ideas to stitch together the plot pieces I’d already figured out. Cool.

#NANOWplaying: Candlebox – Far Behind

Thanks to all of you writer/teachers out there who have inspired and impressed me with the virtue of tenacity and perseverance: Holly Lisle, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. And to the friends and folks in my life who have become fodder for the fiction. Thanks and apologies if you see yourself too much in a character. Believe me, it wasn’t you if you feel bad. 😉

Write on,