As I sit, still slightly befuddled by the week just passed, I ponder the long term. In the wake of the deaths of two of my students and two more greviously injured, I don’t know what my summer will look like.

I still have big goals: finishing STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS is the biggest.  The book release party is scheduled for August 28th at Village Books. It’s up for pre-sale on Amazon. PLEASE don’t buy it yet! I need to have the final electronic mobi ebook file uploaded by the 9 pm PST, August 8th deadline in order to meet my pre-sale release date of August 18th.

I may not make it. There is much to do.  This weekend I did have a  breakthrough on why the climax and conclusion were not working for me. The bad guys weren’t actually bad enough, nor active enough to carry the weight as protagonists. I think I have figured out how to fix that in this third draft. My deadline for that? Seven days from now.

So, I am planning on laying low on the social media. Probably popping up to talk about word, scene and chapter counts in the revision.  Send me positive thoughts and word karma!!