Hey folks,

It feels amazing. I wrote the first words to All is Silence November 1st 2012. It’s original working title was ‘Zombie Zoo’ (from Tom Petty) then ‘Where have all the children gone?’ (from the Hooter’s All you Zombies {also a Heinlein Title}) then ‘And Everything After’ (From Counting Crows) then “All is Silence in the World” (from Springsteen’s Jungleland) shortened to “ALL IS SILENCE.”

If you did not receive an e-mail regarding eARCs [aka galleys, aka the ‘last’ draft before line editing] and you should have send me an e-mail at rob@robslater.com.

Now I’m finishing out some pre-chapter quotes and formatting for print. I should have print ARCs/Galleys in about two weeks to send out to major reviewers.

Prepping to write the next book “STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS” from the Tom Petty song of the same title. It’s about six months since the pandemic hit and Lizzie has choices to make. Stay tuned here for updates.