Okay, excuse the random catch-all of paragraphs that make up this post. If you want to skip all of it and get straight to finding out how to read STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS for FREE before it comes out at the end of the month press here. HERE.
A week ago I discovered I that I’d sold two copies of Straight Into Darkness on Amazon Kindle. That’s pretty exciting. I hope they are sales to people who have never heard of me. If you are thinking about buying Straight Into Darkness on Kindle, AND you are reading this… please wait. The best possible scenario for getting the book to bump up in the rankings is to get a steady stream of sales once it goes live.
Sitting. Wrapped in blankets.  Hat on head. Windows open. Cool wind blows. Why? It’s summer and I don’t have air conditioning. So when I get up early to write with the windows open so it won’t be sweltering in six hours…
The Release Party for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS will be at Village Books Reading Room in Bellingham on Friday, 08/28/2015, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Hope to see you all there. Please tell your friends.
Okay, I am Clinically, Chronically Optimistic, Perhaps even Delusionally Optimistic.  I am paying the price right now with 12-16 hours days of writing/editing/rewriting.  I am stressed. I am excited. The book is good and getting better. Next time I have a book release, however, I am going to meet with my partner and my editor and the three of us will each have one vote as to when the release dates are scheduled. I am once again working on my Montgomery Scott Rule. Estimate time by multiplying by FOUR!


Want to read STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS? Sign up for the newsletter here. Tonight on August 11th at 11:11:11, you will get directions on what to do next. There will be three options with sub options. 
#1 – BETA: This is the most exciting. Race with me to the deadline. of August 21st! Read the chapters on Google Drive. Make comments, suggestions. Get your name included in the thanks for the print version of the book. Get a free copy of the final print version!
#2 – EARLY REVIEWER: This is a little less stressful. Read the novel on Google Drive. Make comments, suggestions if you wish. When the book is out August 28th, write me a review on Amazon, post it on GoodReads, too if you’re willing.  And/or Kobo/Nook/iBook.
#3 – REVIEWER: Even less stress. Same as above, but wait until it comes out. I’ll send you a finished ebook of your choice of format. You can still look for typos and goofs, I will be able to fix them in the eBook, but you don’t have to stress about having it all done by the end of the month.
Sub-options for each of the above categories.
A – Change to a different category. #1 is too stressful, move to #2, then #3 if you need/want to.
B – Buy the darn print book when it comes out. Rate and rank it when you get around to it. 
C – Don’t finish the book, forget you ever knew me! 😉
The first step is to sign up for the newsletter.
Thanks. Back to work.