Welcome, all new visitors and everyone who took part in Digital Book Day. Thanks to CJ Lyons for all the hard work and the wear and tear on the servers. Thanks to all you readers out there who find new books, review them and tell your friends about them.

Today I have a guest post up on Selah J Tay-Song’s blog about creating a fictional near future world. Though blogging and guest posting may cut into the fiction writing time, it is fun and it forces me to reflect on my methods. I’ve written 16,000 words of non-fiction this year and 30,000 of fiction. Only 152,500 to go! I am pounding out the words for the next novella and the Toils & Snares novella at a steady if slow pace of 676 words a day for the last 27 days. Hoping to pump it up this week with some extended writing time.

SEVEN more days until the hardcover and paperback go back to pre-ALA prices. So, if you’ve been thinking about ordering a signed copy, now is the time to do it.

Saturday I’ll be appearing at the Fairhaven Steampunk Festival sponsored by the Bellingham Steampunk Society and Village Books. I’ll be reading parts of Memories of Light, the Bellingham Herald’s serial science fiction story I got to co-write last summer. In addition I will be participating in a panel: Steampunk Community of Writers Networking and Discussion Opportunity. Come join a variety of local authors, including Amanda Hagarty, Karina Cooper, Rob Slater and Rachel McCausland. I’m not very steam-punky yet, but am interested in writing it when my schedule is less blocked. I have always had a soft spot for Dickens and the Victorian age. 

Until next week.  Write on… Read on…