At the beginning of this year I set a goal of a 500 words per day. I have only managed to accomplish that goal on 5 days. Other days I wrote few to none. So, with the idea that if I tell folks what my goal is I will hold myself more accountable, I am publicizing it. Anyone else who wants to take the challenge is welcome to comment below with their own goal.


I’ve also set up writing goals in Scrivener that will help. Today I broke 1000 words in 1 hour and ended the day at 1450. More words than I have written in one day since the 16th of December! I’ve added progress meters on my two main works in progress: Straight Into Darkness, the next Deserted Lands Novel, set for release in Spring of 2015 and Toils & Snares, a Deserted Lands novella, set for release in Fall of 2014.

Thanks for all your support, folks. Write on!